Steps to pressure wash your driveway

Steps to pressure wash your driveway

14th September 2020

Steps to pressure wash your driveway

14th September 2020

Stains on your driveway not only look dirty but will also weaken its surface over time. For cleaning your driveway, pressure washing is quick and efficient and does not use up a lot of water compared to a garden hose.

Manchester driveway pressure washing can run on either gas or electricity and are portable. A garden hose feeds the water pump that the pressure washer engine powers. The washer then pressurises the water, letting it come out with force, more than you can simply get from a garden hose.

Here are the steps you can follow to pressure wash your driveway effectively. However, bear in mind that it is a powerful unit that can strip even a plant away like a stain. Be careful while handling and never point the wand at a person as it can cause injuries.

Prepare the driveway

Remove the debris on your driveway and clear the area away as much as you can. If the driveway butts up against doors or walls, cover them up with a tape or canvas. It will protect them from flying debris or accidents.


If your pressure washer has an attachment unit that you can use for applying degreaser, use it to put a degreaser on the driveway to loosen the stains. Another thing you can do is scrub the concrete with the degreaser with a stiff brush or broom.

Prepare the pressure washer

Before using the pressure washer, read the instructions properly, especially if it’s your first time. However, you will generally need to attach the washer to the spray wand using a hose and then connect the washer to the water source by using a garden hose. You will find different nozzles for a variety of purposes. Use the low-pressure and high-pressure nozzle for applying detergent and rinsing, respectively.

Clean the driveway

Now with everything set, it’s time to start the cleaning process. You can begin pressure washing your driveway from the higher end and then work your way down in the water flow direction. Point the wand at the driveway surface, trigger the button, and sweep back and forth.

Once you finish the detergent application on the entire surface, let it stay for about an hour. You can prevent the drying out of the concrete by occasionally rewetting it.

Rinse it

The next step is to attach the high-pressure nozzle to the power washer and turn on the rinse mode. Wash the detergent away by repeating the sweeping motion. You can use the spray to remove any stains or grime that you find while washing the driveway. Make sure that you rinse all the detergent away. The last thing you want is detergent marks on a freshly cleaned driveway.

Seal the driveway

After letting the driveway dry completely, apply some sealant all over it to prevent future stains. You can use a roller for this purpose. Coat the driveway’s surface with the sealant and let it sit and dry completely for at least a day for the best finish to your now clean driveway in Manchester.