The importance of keeping a sanitized conservatory

The importance of keeping a sanitized conservatory

28th September 2021

The importance of keeping a sanitized conservatory

28th September 2021

Have you recently bought a conservatory, or are you considering it?  

They are pretty much one of the best rooms to have at home. It’s an excellent space for entertaining guests and even just relaxing. The only problem with getting one is that if it isn’t properly sanitized, you could risk developing mould or bugs in your conservatory.

Did you know that not taking good care of it could be detrimental to your immune system?

If that made you concerned, here are more reasons why a sanitized conservatory is essential.

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The reality of common bacteria in a conservatory

A conservatory is at high risk of bacterial contamination because its environment is ideal for the growth of bacteria. These organisms can be found in damp areas, leading to mould and mildew infestations, while excessive moisture can also lead to algae growth.

This isn’t surprising given that a conservatory is essentially an extended, roofed area, which means it is exposed to rain, wind and intense sunlight.

The importance of keeping a sanitized conservatory

Dirt and dust accumulation contributes to poor ventilation

Conservatories aren’t insulated like other rooms in your house, and heat and cold can quickly build up in the space. Even when there’s no sun shining through the windows, heat and humidity can cause problems. And when it starts to rain or snow, water can get in and inhibit ventilation.

In fact, the air inside the conservatory will remain relatively stagnant for days at a time. This stagnant air can lead to poor ventilation, which can cause a conservatory to become damp and mouldy.

This means they need to be well ventilated — if not by actual windows, then by vents you add yourself.

The danger of moulds 

Water leaks are the most common cause of conservatory issues, not including any caused by the actual building itself. Condensation will lead to the growth of mould on your roof, which will eventually make its way into your conservatory and can cause all sorts of damage. 

It is also very likely that there will be mould on the glasses and doors and any other hard surfaces where it can grow and thrive. 

It can attract unwanted pests.

The most common cause of mould and other bugs in a conservatory is air contamination from outside. This can be due to animals such as birds and squirrels making their way into your conservatory through gaps that need fixing.

However, it could also be due to insects such as flies that carry disease and breed within your conservatory walls. Another potential source of contamination is waste such as urine from pets like dogs and cats.

The best way to avoid such problems is to make sure your conservatory is well looked after, with the correct levels of security, lighting, heating and ventilation.


Cleaning the conservatory is something that so many people tend to neglect, which is not good.

And always remember that a conservatory is one of the rooms where tons of bacteria can come into contact with you if not cleaned properly. As soon as you realize the importance of maintenance, you will also find cleaning your conservatory a much easier task.