The Right Way To Clean a Metal Roof

The Right Way To Clean a Metal Roof

20th October 2020

The Right Way To Clean a Metal Roof

20th October 2020

Metal roofs are quite easy to clean compared to other roof types. For the most part, you just need pressurised water. But when it comes to cleaning the hard spots, you will require a chemical cleaner. However, it is super important to always take safety measures before you start cleaning. Remember that it is better and safer to hire a roof cleaning company from St Helens to get rid of all the dirt. But if you want to scrub and clean all the nasty grime away by yourself, then you should consider doing the following.


You need to look out for overcast and dry skies to clean the metal roof. The last thing you would want to do is clean under hot sunny water. The light-coloured paint and metal tend to reflect the sunlight and produce glare to reduce your eye vision. Also, avoid climbing up on wet roofs to prevent accidents.

You need to use a hose or a power washer for cleaning the unreachable areas. Don’t try cleaning the unreachable areas with your hands as they open doors for accidents. If you need to scrub any spots that are hard to reach, then consider hiring a professional.

It is best to wash the roof with a partner. They will help you with the gears and call for help during accidents. Use a safety harness to protect yourself at all times. In this way, you get to secure yourself from any possible accidents. Use a bolt strap anchor and a ridge clamp for corrugated roofs and standing seam roofs, respectively.

Pressurised Water for Cleaning

Using fresh, clean water instead of chemical cleaners is a better idea. Go for chemical cleaners only when it is necessary. But there are chances of leaving behind film and streaks if you fail to rinse thoroughly. On the other hand, using clean water will eliminate the need to use a chemical cleaner once a year. You will save both time and money.

Pressure water is needed to blow away all the dirt. Use a garden hose accompanied by a spray nozzle or a wand attachment for a light cleaning. For more pressure, you need to invest in a power washer. Make sure to clean away all the debris, dirt, and grime present on the pathway. The power washer or a hose will do the job for you. Make sure to climb after the roof dries up so you don’t slip.

Washing a metal roof is easier when you are blasting downwards from the top. Start from the top so you can blow all the dirt towards the age. There are multiple different roof designs. Use a hose and take safety measures if your roof is steep and has far-fetched spots. Always remember to mind your steps and work slowly with patience.

Confronting Stubborn Areas

Some stubborn areas do not listen to pressurised water. In situations like this, you need to combine a mild detergent with water to cure it. Now you need a soft cloth or a sponge to clean it. Avoid any harsh material as it could hinder your roof. Materials such as wire brushes and steel wool are off-limits here. Use a detergent solution to scrub the affected areas.

Make sure to start from the bottom of the roof. Start scrubbing by moving in a left-to-right movement. Use clean water to rinse every cleaned panel for preventing film and streaks. Again, you have to clean the panel by using plain water. Some super stubborn spots don’t come off easily. But avoid putting pressure and just continue scrubbing to avoid damages.


To tackle the job, you are going to need the following items. They include water, a power washer, or a hose with attachments like wand and spray nozzle, mild detergent, sponge or soft cloth, extension ladder, safety harness line, ridge clamp a bolt-strap anchor, and a partner. And if you need to repeat the cleaning procedure for the super stubborn spots, use strong cleaners.

Enquire from a professional about these cleaning agents as they may damage the roof too. In case your cleaning agent has a bleaching ingredient, use clean water to wash the scrubbed spot immediately. Plus, If you don’t have experience in roof cleaning, then contact a professional cleaner such as Just Clean Property Care.