The Right Way to Clean Your Conservatory Glass Roof

The Right Way to Clean Your Conservatory Glass Roof

14th September 2020

The Right Way to Clean Your Conservatory Glass Roof

14th September 2020

Conservatories are an amazing addition to your home. They not only expand your living space but also give you the chance to enjoy the sun and your garden. Best of all, conservatories also increase the value of your house. In this article, we’ll be discussing the methods of how you should clean your conservatory glass roof.

Glass is one of the most popular choices for conservatory roofs. They allow sunlight to enter your conservatory and brighten up the room. And it is also great for any plants that you might have indoors.

On the other hand, glass roofs can be quite difficult to clean, unless by a professional conservatory cleaner in Chorley. It is important to know the right techniques and the tools to use before you start with the cleaning. This will prevent any kind of potential damage to your roof and your physical well-being.

Water-Fed Pole System

When cleaning a glass conservatory roof, a water-fed pole system is easily one of the safest options you can use. This is because you just have to stay on the ground without the need to climb stairs.

If you don’t know what a water-fed pole system is, it is basically a telescopic pole that pumps out water on the roof top. It also comes with a soft brush that removes all kinds of debris and dirt. After the cleaning is done, you only have to wait for the roof to dry.</p.

Adopt a Manual Approach

If you don’t want to install a water-fed pole system, you can also opt for a manual pole with telescopic functionality. This will allow you to clean hard to reach spots with ease. You can also attach a sponge at the end of your pole to remove the foam after you finish cleaning. However, you’ll need a ladder to see where you’re cleaning.

Ladder safety

If you’re cleaning your glass roof manually, you must take extra precautions with the ladder. You should only use a ladder if you have a concrete wall to lean on. It is never a good idea to use a ladder against a glass surface or a gutter. They can lead to disastrous consequences.

Cleaning products

For cleaning your conservatory glass roof, warm soapy water is very effective. You can also add half a cup of distilled vinegar to add more shine. If you can boil or purify the water first, it will clean much better.

The detergents or soap that you use should also not be too hard. They should be suitable for your regular windows.

Additional tips

  • Use soft brushes and cloths only.
  • Avoid cleaning when the sun is too bright as the water may dry too fast and leave water marks.
  • Avoid cleaning during windy and rainy days for your own safety.


To keep your conservatory glass roof looking shiny and new all year round, we suggest cleaning it once every four months by a Chorley conservatory cleaning company. This will prevent the buildup of moss and algae, which can further lead to cracks and leaks.