Three Easy Ways To Clean a Tile Roof

Three Easy Ways To Clean a Tile Roof

20th October 2020

Three Easy Ways To Clean a Tile Roof

20th October 2020

A Tile Roof is hung from the roof’s structure, where you use nails to attach them. These tiles are in a parallel lining manner, where every row overlaps the bottom row. They do so by excluding rainwater and for covering the nails that are holding the row underneath. These tiles possess exposing ends shapes for an attractive effect. They are comparatively better than other materials in extreme conditions. You can follow these steps to clean and maintain your tile roof:

Prioritising Safety

Slip-resistant shoes are an absolute must here to prevent accidents. Tiles tend to get slippery over time, especially after you clean them. Make sure to wear good grip shoes, old clothes, eye protectors, and rubber gloves. For example, athletic shoes will be 1000x safer than a flip flop. Now you need to walk where your tiles are overlapping because those are the sturdy and tough areas.

But if you are required to step on the toile, then go for the lower part. It is best to work from a dry area, so stick with the flatter spots. You will have better balance and footing due to the even weight distribution. Another suggestion would be to have a partner to direct the viewpoints, hold the ladder, and pass items. It will make things so much easier for you.

Tile Treatment

Before you start climbing, make sure to have a sturdy ladder with you. Start on one part of the roof and move backward as you progress. In this way, you won’t be walking on wet tiles but be careful with your steps to avoid accidents. Use fresh, clean water for spraying and dislodging all the dirt present. Set your pressure washer to a lower PSI for cleaning them. Go to the top and spray everything from there in a downwards manner towards the gutters.

Before you apply the cleaning agent, you need to let your roof dry fully. Your chemical solution should consist of anti-fungicide and moss properties. Inject the solution inside your pressure washer and operate at a low PSI. Start from one side of your roof and move towards the opposite side to wrap up everything. Different cleaning products will have varying instructions, so pay attention to its pointers for a successful cleaning task.

Now you need to rinse all the chemical solutions off from your roof for the best finish to your roof cleaning in Manchester. For this, you will require a higher PSI with plain clean water. Avoid going extreme with the pressure as it will result in damaging your tiles. Carry out this process from the top again and work your way down with it. If there are stubborn spots, then spend a little time on them. The continuous spraying will start to loosen and wipe them away.

Roof Maintenance

You can’t control climate, but you have power over the algae, mildew, fungus, moss, lichens, and dirt on your roof. So, you will need to be consistent with your cleanings and eradicate them at their early stages. There are damaged tiles that open doors for fungus and mold spores to grow more and further destroy. It is best to get them replaced to prevent further damages, especially under harsh weather conditions. After you clean your roof, it is smart to reseal, reprime, and repaint all the tiles.


Yes, you can take all the safety measures, but there is still a danger. And it is even more dangerous if you have never cleaned your roof before. The condition of your roof also plays a big part in deciding if you would hire a professional. Roof cleaning companies will do the job in a few hours and leave your roof perfect for the future. Hiring them will eliminate all the self-cleaning hassles and dangers.