Tips To Remove Mould Off Your UPVC Door and Window Frames

Tips To Remove Mould Off Your UPVC Door and Window Frames

27th September 2021

Tips To Remove Mould Off Your UPVC Door and Window Frames

27th September 2021

Mould build-up can be nasty, causing your UPVC door and window frames to look very dull and unpleasant. If you start to see mould building up, check for any signs of leakage in the open and hidden panels of your home.  

Mould can spread quickly when with frequent condensation and can cause allergic reactions, especially among asthmatic individuals.

Thus, it is very crucial that you quickly identify the issue and work on it so that it does not cause further damage to your health and property. 

Here are some tips to help you eliminate mould on your UPVC door and window frames through UPVC cleaning:

Allow plenty of fresh air into your rooms

Before you attempt to wipe off the mould build-up, open your doors and windows so that you have an unlimited supply of fresh air.  

Use an apron and rubber gloves before you start. It is also advisable that you wear a mask since the mould tends to have a powdery ash-like green texture that can mix with the direct fresh air that you are breathing.  

Prepare your water. Use a mild foaming solution and a soft fibre cloth and begin by wiping off the surfaces. Take care not to overdo it. Follow a single pattern. Change your water as many times as you wish. Rinse your cloth thoroughly and continue to wipe until you are satisfied with the result.  

You will find tons of UPVC mould removing solutions in the market. It will be an added benefit if you use one of such products.  

Tips To Remove Mould Off Your UPVC Door and Window Frames

Try vinegar 

If you need to level up in your battle against mould, use a more potent weapon: vinegar. You will never go wrong with a cup of vinegar in your cleaning game.  

Here is what you can do: 

  • Get a spray bottle 
  • Fill your bottle with vinegar 
  • Start spraying the affected areas with vinegar generously 
  • Let it stay for a good thirty minutes or up to an hour. 
  • Wipe the areas off using a soft sponge.  
  • Use lukewarm water  

Make sure you keep following these steps whenever you feel your door and window frames are attacked by mould again.  

Find the right product to use 

Do not attempt to use spirits, bleaching powders and other abrasive agents on UPVC. They will damage your UPVC permanently.

Take care not to spill your glass cleaner on the frames too. This will result in a stain and will take away their lustre. Before you experiment, find the right product to use. You may want to look for a solvent-based UPVC cleaner. These agents can prevent mould from multiplying and act as a remedy against any stains.  


Mould and algae are a nuisance to materials such as the UPVC. They can cause significant damage if they are not tackled immediately. This damage can be wallet-draining and mentally frustrating.  

Thus, you must know what you are dealing with and effectively bring an end to this nuisance or, as the saying goes, ‘nip it in the bud.’