Top 3 Conservatory Cleaning Hacks You Must Try This Summer

Top 3 Conservatory Cleaning Hacks You Must Try This Summer

28th September 2021

Top 3 Conservatory Cleaning Hacks You Must Try This Summer

28th September 2021

Conservatories are lovely. They give an exquisite view of your garden and add more light to your rooms. They also add value and luxury to your house.  

However, maintaining a conservatory is not an easy task. A tiny mold or debris is easily noticeable. Thus, routine clean-ups are vital to keeping your conservatory in good shape.  

Here are three quick, convenient and easy hacks you can try for the best conservatory cleaning in Cheshire

The magic of pure, lukewarm water 

Nothing can beat lukewarm water with a good solution when it comes to any significant cleaning hack. 

Fill your battery-powered container with about eight to ten litres of lukewarm water and squeeze your foaming solution into the container. After diluting your solution, prepare your pole and clip a nozzle spray onto your rod in place of the standard window cleaning brush. You will only need your brush in the next step.  

Prepare your pole in such a way that it can gain access to every corner of your roof since ladders can be risky at times.  

Once you are ready with your tool and cleaning solution, navigate your conservatory and identify the areas that need more attention. Start spraying your solution from the top, preferably the roof.  

If you have finials, as many conservatories do, then spray your solution onto the finials. This will prevent damage. Using a brush to clean the finials is more time-consuming and damaging.  

You will begin to see results from this first step itself. Lukewarm is a great tool to fight against stubborn dust sticking onto your panels. 

Top 3 Conservatory Cleaning Hacks You Must Try This Summer

Use only soft bristle brushes

When you are done spraying foam over all the surfaces of your conservatory, leave it for about ten to fifteen minutes before rinsing them off.  

In the meantime, you can focus on the windows. For the windows, you will need a soft bristle telescopic brush or foam and a window wiper.  

You can use any glass cleaner for this purpose. Instead of using a microfiber cloth, work with the brush. It is less time-consuming and more effective, particularly in covering areas such as the corners of your windows.  

Dilute your glass cleaner into lukewarm water and brush your way from top to bottom of every window. You can improvise by using a jet from the spray gun to spray into the windowsill levels. This will help push out the trapped dirt quickly. 

Rinse away  

The final step is the fun step.  

Once you are done with all the scrubbing, start rinsing your conservatory from the top. Make sure you are still using lukewarm water. You can also add apple cider vinegar in your final rinsing step. 

It is an added recommendation that you wipe the interior part of your windows too.  

As for the windows, use a wiper to wipe off excess water, and there you should have it. Your beautiful conservatory is once again up and ready to host visitors.