Top 4 UPVC Cleaning Solution

Top 4 UPVC Cleaning Solution

27th September 2021

Top 4 UPVC Cleaning Solution

27th September 2021

Cleaning UPVC doors and windows is simple yet tricky. You need to have good knowledge about what cleaning products to use, how often you can use them and how to use the products to get the best results.  

You must also educate yourself about products and cleaning equipment you have to avoid.  

There is quite an array of UPVC cleaners in the market, producing good results according to their unique formula and strength.  

Here are the top four UPVC cleaning products based on their popularity. All four products are robust yet non-abrasive and do not corrode. 

HG UPVC Powerful Cleaner 

You should opt for this product over any other products if you plan to give your windows and doors a good scrub. It is the super cleaner of all cleaners out there in the market. 

Its qualities include: 

  • It is a perfect solution for removing any stubborn dirt. 
  • It is a potent solvent-based agent. 
  • This solution is suitable for all kinds of UPVC and can also be used on all UPVC colours.  
  • Convenient, easy to use and very gentle  
  • Do not cause damage to UPVC surfaces.

The HG UPVC cleaner, however, has a powerful smell. It is recommended that you use a mask and a safety goggle for the interiors of your house to avoid breathing in the strong fume and getting droplets into your eye accidentally.

Top 4 UPVC Cleaning Solution

Everbuild PVC1S PVCU Solvent Cleaner 

Like the HG UPVC cleaner, this product is solvent-based and can be used on all types of UPVC and UPVC colours.  

Its qualities include: 

  • Famous for fighting against ingrained dirt and stain.  
  • Restore old plastics and gives them a brand-new look
  • Its formula is easy to use and does not smear 
  • Has the capacity to dry fast  
  • It is a multi-purpose solvent and can be used for cleaning plastic garden furniture. 

Dirtbusters UPVC and Conservatory Cleaner 

Unlike the HG and Everbuild solvent cleaners, this product comes in a paste formula. It is specially designed to clean UPVC door frames, windows, facias and garden furniture.  

Here are some of its key benefits: 

  • It is solvent-free 
  • Non-abrasive 
  • It has a lovely citrus fragrance 
  • The best solution for removing mould 
  • Cost-effective. A single application can restore your UPVC its lustre.  

Thompsons UPVC Restorer 

This is a unique formula, much different from the products mentioned earlier. It is water-based as feasible for both the interior and exteriors of your UPVC.  

Its other features include: 

  • Safe to use 
  • It can easily be buffed dry
  • It gives a smooth surface finish 
  • Water-based, gentle and easy to use.  


To summarise, it is essential to note that these products work for a common goal despite their unique formulas. Some may be comfortable working with solvents, while others prefer a water-based liquid or a paste instead.  

Each of them has value for money due to its multi-purpose nature.  The four products are equally popular. You can choose which formula may be more feasible for your UPVC and invest in them accordingly.