Top Tips To Follow When Cleaning Your Driveway

3rd July 2019

Top Tips To Follow When Cleaning Your Driveway

3rd July 2019

When you are considering investing in a professional driveway cleaning service, it’s important that you choose the most relevant service for your driveway. This includes understanding what type of driveway surface you have, what kind of staining you are dealing with and if there is any serious external damage. All of these factors must be considered and accommodated when you invest in a professional driveway cleaning service. Our Driveway Cleaning Wigan team will always advise you and guide you with your project.

What is the best time to clean my driveway?

In an ideal world, we advise all customers that they remove any stains or spills as soon as you notice them. Of course, we understand that this is not always possible as schedules and everyday life gets in the way. A lot of customers will wait until the spring and summer months as they have longer days, less chance of rain and because any weeds, algae of moss is much more visible.

However, our Driveway Cleaning Wigan team always advise our customers to choose a cloudy/ overcast day to carry out pressure washing as direct and uninterrupted sunshine can cause quick drying, which can compromise the final result. Our team will discuss timings of the service and drying during your initial consultation.

Assess stains and how to tackle them

Our driveways and patio areas are prone to heavy traffic and can take a beating. Our driveways can see a mixture of different types of stains, such as oils, rust or paint. These spillages can cause unsightly stains on your investment.
Our Driveway Cleaning Wigan team can advise you on any kind of specialist treatment that you may need. For example, oil based stains will need a stronger, more concentrated paint stripper to remove them from your driveway surface. This kind of removal is only ever suggested for concrete driveways and surfaces as this kind of stripping can cause irreparable damage for block paving or tarmac. Our team will take the time to assess your driveway and offer you the correct service.

Use the correct attachments and pressure washing techniques

Before any kind of manual work is carried out on your driveway, our Driveway Cleaning Wigan team will offer you a detailed consultation to discuss your wants and needs. We will use this time to assess your driveway material and overall condition before offering you a detailed breakdown of the services that we can offer you at that time.

Our Driveway Cleaning Wigan team are highly skilled and qualified, so can ensure that you are receiving the correct treatment. We will use a variety of nozzles, pressures, soaps and detergents to remove any loose debris, dirt and deep set stains. Every service will be personalised to suit your needs.


Investing in a professional pressure washing service is a smart move as it can prolong the life of your driveway or paved areas that you have invested in. For more information or to speak to a member of our professional team, please visit .