UPVC Cleaning VS Aluminium Cleaning

UPVC Cleaning VS Aluminium Cleaning

27th September 2021

UPVC Cleaning VS Aluminium Cleaning

27th September 2021

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride or, in short, UPVC is a material used for building doors, windows, frames and conservatories. It is very popular among builders for its easy-maintenance and easy-to-install qualities. It can be conveniently maintained using simple cleaning techniques.  

Aluminium is another material used for building doors and window frames. It is cost-effective, does not rust, and does not require frequent make-overs. Additionally, such material provides an excellent barrier against dust and noise pollution.  

There is rigorous competition in the market between UPVC and aluminium. One is preferred over the other based on its pros and cons.  

Listed below are the differences in their maintenance: 

UPVC cleaning  

Generally, UPVC is an easy material to clean and maintain. There are many techniques that one can apply, besides seeking the help of professionals. The market is also flooded with solvents and cleaning agents specially designed for UPVC cleaning in Cheshire.  

Additionally, it is easy to replace old UPVC by installing the double-glazing method to give it a new look and can also be painted on. It is thus considered an excellent alternative to wood.  

UPVC is cheaper than aluminium and timber, popularly known for its durability. High-quality UPVC does not require painting. The only maintenance they need is a good wipe every once in a while, using a solvent cleaning base, lukewarm water and a cap-size vinegar. You will get all of these items straight out of your kitchen.

UPVC Cleaning VS Aluminium Cleaning

Aluminium cleaning  

Like UPVC, cleaning or maintaining aluminium can be done using simple cleaning techniques. Lukewarm water and white vinegar are popularly used for this method. It is recommended that you use a non-alkaline soap base and a nylon brush. While scrubbing is discouraged on UPVC, a little scrubbing on aluminium will help bring back their shiny texture.  

Ensure you invest in lubricant with a silicon base for your doors and windows to give your window hinges and joints a good greasing. 

The expense of maintenance 

The cost of cleaning UPVC doors and windows is cheaper in comparison to that of aluminium.

Aluminium has a faster reaction to weather conditions and, thus, is more prone to damages here and there. Some of the critical areas that require extra attention are the joint seals, locks and latches.  

Just like UPVC, you can also paint your aluminium doors and windows. However, you can use only oil-based paints. The durability of paint on aluminium is longer than the UPVC because paint can stick on metal more effectively than other vinyl.  


To summarise, it is essential to note that you should install the suitable material based on how conveniently you can maintain your doors and windows.  

Both UPVC and aluminium are thoroughly competent in their qualities and capacity to stand the test of time. However, UPVC seems to be gaining more popularity in these modern times due to its higher demand.

While removing stains on aluminium is almost next to impossible, there are dozens of techniques you can apply to eliminate stains on your UPVC.