UPVC Conservatories and How to Clean Them

UPVC Conservatories and How to Clean Them

27th September 2021

UPVC Conservatories and How to Clean Them

27th September 2021

UPVC conservatory is an extended part of a home or a building that uses polyvinyl chloride material.  

It is popular among builders and extensively used among the builder’s community for its versatility and durability. Many owners prefer to install UPVC for their conservatories, doors and windows instead of opting for aluminium or timber.  

The lifespan of a UPVC conservatory is about twenty-five years or more, depending on its maintenance and upkeep.  

Here is a list of things you can do to keep your UPVC conservatory looking bright and new with the best UPVC cleaning in the Manchester area:

Things you will require 

  • Microfiber cloth 
  • UPVC conservatory cleaner 
  • Soft sponge  
  • Bucket of lukewarm water 
  • Sprayer or a hose 
  • Telescopic brush 

Leave the tricky part to the professionals

If you have a UPVC conservatory, you must already know by now that you need to give your conservatory roof a good sweep every six months.  

Six months is a lot of time for the dust to settle, algae and moss to start sticking onto your roof, debris and dead leaves will be blocking your gutters and so on. If you have not conducted any minor clean-up within this period, call the experts to do what they do best. This will not only save time but also eliminate any chances of damage.  

Professional cleaners have good knowledge and technique. They will also come with all the appropriate tools and cleaning solutions.

UPVC Conservatories and How to Clean Them

Or do it yourself 

However, if you intend to clean your roof on your own, be very meticulous. It will help more if you have a cleaning partner with you.  

Your first action should be to clear off debris from your roof and make sure your gutters are free from any obstruction. For this purpose, you will need a ladder and another person with you.  

Using a ladder is not always advisable if you intend to clean your roof solo. Make sure someone is there to hold the end of the ladder point for you.  

After the sweeping step, use a hose and start spraying your foaming water on the roof. Use a telescopic brush for stubborn dust stains.  

Finally, rinse your roof by spraying clean water. It is easier said than done. The whole process may take you the entire day, depending on the size of your conservatory.  

Manage your budget 

If you are already finding the DIY process very exhausting just by reading through the above paragraph, here is what you can do. As mentioned before, leave the tough part to the experts. You focus on your UPVC doors and windows instead.

Maintain a periodic cleaning table. It is nothing fancy. Just use a cleaning agent and lukewarm water for your frames.

Cleaners charge according to how much of a deep-cleaning your conservatory requires. Thus, if you make minor touches on your conservatory every once in a while, you do not have to stress about its maintenance cost.  


When people hear the following words, UPVC conservatory cleaning, they take it as a major project that only the experts can undertake.

However, you can change other people’s perspectives since now you know what it takes to own a UPVC conservatory and how you can personally overlook its maintenance.