What Are Asphalt Shingles and How Do You Clean Them?

What Are Asphalt Shingles and How Do You Clean Them?

20th October 2020

What Are Asphalt Shingles and How Do You Clean Them?

20th October 2020

If you want to protect your roof, then you need to start cleaning your asphalt shingles. An asphalt shingle refers to a roof shingle or a wall type that utilises asphalt for waterproof purposes. These shingles are extremely popular in North America. The reason behind its popularity would be the affordable price tag and its simplicity. Its material consists of fibre glass, where binders and stable resins are used to create it. The manufacturers take glass fibre of specific diameter and length.

Safety First

The first thing you will need is footwear that is resistant to slipping. You will also require a pair of safety goggles for eye protection. Now you will need a safety rope for attaching yourself to a secure point. We also think it’s best to wear pants and long sleeves for protecting your skin from the cleaning agent. Also, make sure to bring or notify someone, so you will have a partner to call during accidents and extra hands.

Before you start to clean with the cleaning agent, it is necessary to remove the debris. You can either use a broom or a leaf blower to sweep off all the debris from the shingles. While you are using the leaf blower, start blowing towards the roof’s edge from the ridge. In this way, the dirt and branches aren’t lodging below the edges of the shingles.

Cleaning on a hot sunny day doesn’t give the cleaner enough time to work as it evaporates quickly. Plus, nobody wants to work under hot weather. So, it is best to pick a pleasantly cloudy day. The perfect cleaning temperature would be above 32⁰F. Another important pointer would be to avoid cleaning during winter and windy days.

Last but not least, you need to protect the nearby plants. Make sure to place bags on all your plants before getting started. In this way, they are not getting sprayed on by harmful lethal chemicals present in the cleaner.

Getting Roof Shingles Clean

The combination of just water and soap isn’t going to work anymore. You need a cleaning agent with a special formula for an effective shingle cleaning task. Mold Cleaner OX and Roof Shampoo are some of the popular cleaning agents with eco-friendly properties. Always make sure to avoid using corrosive and eco-damaging ingredients. You can also create your cleaning agent by using water and chlorine bleach of laundry nature.

Now you can either choose a pumped-up garden sprayer or an agricultural sprayer of low pressure. Start filling up your sprayer with the cleaning agent. You can look up the manufacturer’s directions for pouring in the agent. It is advisable to avoid using a pressure washer when you are applying the cleaning agent. Why? Because it can damage your shingles and also stick with a 30 PSI Sprayer.

Start cleaning the affected areas by pointing the nozzle towards it. You need to give at least 20 minutes for the cleaning agent to do its work. Every spraying device has its method, so you need to look up the manufacturer’s direction. Use the cleaning agent according to the roof’s size and condition. Plus, the moss and algae affected the green and black stains usually indicate spots.

After you let the agent dry, you need a garden hose for spraying the shingles with water. It will rinse away the entire remaining cleaning agent left on the shingles. There are thick algae and moss that grow on your shingles. So, to eradicate them, you will require a stiff broom of medium bristles or a brush. You need to start scrubbing but avoid applying extreme force.

How To Maintain

Getting a copper asphalt shingle will help prevent the growth of algae. How? Well, because copper is toxic for algae. These copper shingles are super convenient for you if you live in an area that is quite prone to algae growth. You could also try affixing a copper or zinc underneath your roof’s ridge. It will inhibit algae’s growth during rain.

Trimming down the branches of your trees also helps prevent the growth of algae. Plus, you can always sweep the dirt and debris from your roof from time to time. It will extend the life span of your asphalt shingles.


You will need proper gear and assistance to clean your asphalt shingles. Just make sure to use a proper cleaning agent with a low-pressure sprayer to clean. We recommend you to ask one of your family members to be your extra hand. And for professional cleaning, it is always smart to hire a Manchester roof cleaning company for satisfactory results. However, if there are curls and cracks in your asphalt shingles, then it’s high time for you to get your roof replaced.