What Do The Different Weathers Of The Seasons Do To My Driveway?

3rd July 2019

What Do The Different Weathers Of The Seasons Do To My Driveway?

3rd July 2019

 In the British Isles, we see a huge collection of different weather systems throughout the twelve months of the year.  We can often overlook how the sometimes extreme changes in weather can affect our surroundings, but at Just Cleaning Property Care we see how the weather changes can cause wear and tear and potential damage to your driveway or patio area. Our experienced Driveway Cleaning Wigan team have listed how each season affects your driveway and how you can incorporate cleaning and upkeep strategies to ensure the longevity of your investment.

How does Spring affect my driveway?

Springtime is the time of the year when homeowners and tenants like to spruce up their gardens and outdoor areas after the dull winter months. This upheaval of soil and compost can cause dirt and debris to make its way into the gaps in your pavement. Left untreated and undisturbed, the soil and plant debris will cause an outbreak of weeds and plants to rise up from your driveway. Our Driveway Cleaning Wigan team can help you with a specialised wedding treatment and deep clean of your driveway to prevent further infestation.

How will Summer affect my driveway?

Summer is often the season when we see the highest amount of foot traffic over our patios and driveways. Summer BBQs and parties can leave our paved areas looking a little bit lacklustre. Drinks stains and spillage, overall heavy use and drying sunshine can all factor into how your driveway looks in the summer. Our Driveway Cleaning Wigan team advise all customers to schedule in regular pressure washing and cleaning sessions to prevent irreversible staining.

How will Autumn affect my driveway?

The Autumn months bring a mixture of both wet and warm weather and one other thing; leaves. The leaves that fall in autumn can collect on your driveway and even if you push them to the side, they can sit and compost in the interchangeable weather of the season. These damp conditions allow the leaves to decompose and encourage pests and weeds to penetrate your block paving driveway. Our Driveway Cleaning Wigan team advise our clients that you should clean away the leaves as often as possible.

How will Winter affect my driveway?

Understandably, the Winter months bring ice, frost and wet conditions. Your block paving driveway may suffer from irreparable damage or staining from grit and salt that is spread to melt the ice. This tough time of the year can take a heavy toll on your driveway and patios, but as our Driveway Cleaning Wigan team like to advise, regular cleaning and pressure washing can help to minimise the potential for damage.


In conclusion, with regular cleaning and maintenance, your driveway can look spectacular throughout the seasons. For more information, or to speak to a member of our Driveway Cleaning Wigan team, please visit https://justcleanpropertycare.co.uk/home-wigan/pressure-wash-wigan/