What Is Involved In Roof Cleaning?

What Is Involved In Roof Cleaning?

9th March 2021

What Is Involved In Roof Cleaning?

9th March 2021

Regardless of the many beautiful homes today, many homeowners are still ignorant about the need for roof cleaning. When dirt and dust settle down, it facilitates the growth of insects, mold, and other microorganisms. And these can lead to the gradual degradation of your roof and may cost you expensive repairs or even to the extent of having to replace it.

Prevent spread of algae growth.

Besides insects, you will also notice dark streaks in your roofs. This is algae acting on your roof. And you should treat this issue early because the algae will feed off your roof and not just make your roof look unappealing. 

Sometimes, besides dark streaks, you will notice fuzzy green areas on your roof. This is most likely to be mosses growing in your roof. 

Trim off tree branches.

The growth of algae and moss are facilitated by the presence of moist and shady area. This is why it is highly recommended that you expose your roof to the sunlight. This can be done by trimming off tree branches that may be shading your rooftops. It is also advisable for you to trim off trees because falling leaves and twigs may settle on your roof, leading to the accumulation of debris.

Add life to your shingles.

One reason why you should clean your roof is to add life to your shingles. While algae, moss, and other microorganisms may not directly affect your roof, they will disrupt its functioning.  

Hire professionals.

While roof cleaning may not appear as the most fun thing to do yourself, the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association also does not recommend cleaning your roof yourself. You are advised to leave the job of cleaning your roof to the pros.

Avoid use of high pressure.

During the cleaning of the roof, in most cases, chemicals like chlorine bleach are used. According to the ARMA recommendations, a ratio of 1:1 of bleach and water should be used to clean your roof. The ARMA also advices against the usage of high pressure on your Asphalt roofs as this may damage your shingles. This solution of bleach and water should be washed off using water.

Traditional methods.

Besides cleaning roofs with chemicals, some also prefer the traditional way of cleaning roofs by brushing. This may require much time, effort and strength. However, it will ensure your roof isn’t damaged from the use of pressure or any of such sort.

Sometimes as you look at your roof, you may be wondering if you should perhaps clean your roof or replace it. Sometimes, all your roof needs are a little cleaning here and there, and your roof will look as good as new. Because sometimes, with the build-up of algae and moss and with the dust settled on your roof, your roof may appear in a worse condition than it actually is.

Contact roof cleaning services.

If not, you can talk to a Wigan roof cleaning company and have them inspect. They can talk to you about your roof’s condition and if you would actually need replacement or simply get some cleaning done. 

When you consider the cost of replacement of your roof, you will observe that getting it cleaned by professionals is relatively cheaper. This is why when you can still maintain the sturdiness of your roof, get it cleaned regularly. Proper maintenance of your roofs also pays.