What Methods Do We Use to Clean Your Roof?

28th September 2018

What Methods Do We Use to Clean Your Roof?

28th September 2018

It’s normal to be interested in how we at Roof Cleaning St Helens go about cleaning your roof. If you’ve never had our services performed before, it might be a surprise! Sometimes people aren’t always aware of how we perform our service, but that’s why you’re here.

We’re going to let you know what four methods we practice during your roof clean in order to receive the absolute maximum from your clean and why we clean your roof this way.

Vortex Nozzle Low Pressure

Vortex low-pressure washing is a method that removes moss, algae and general debris from your roof in a safe and effective manner. We use a constant flow of swirling water, which is applied to the offending area.

A pressure jet wash allows us to remove all traces of algae, moss and other growths within seconds. This is the perfect tool for many roof materials, as it even removes roof discolouration and stains from general weather effects.

Low-Pressure Soft Wash

Next, we will use a low-pressure soft wash to further clean and treat the roofing. This step that we use at roof cleaning St Helens cleans and sanitises the roof, meaning that it protects against further growth of algae and moss.

This treatment kills spores and will treat the root cause of the overall fungal growth. This makes the roof sparkle and looks brand new, perfect for those who are a bit concerned about algae and moss re-growing.

Manual Roof Cleaning

Some roofing materials are too delicate to be pressure washed and require manual roof cleaning rather than jet washing. This is something we’ve perfected over our time within our industry, as we pay specific detail to all the unsightly objects that make your roof look a bit gross.

Once we’ve cleaned all the dirt and grime from your roofing, we will then treat it with a fungicidal wash that protects the roof from the regrowth of any foreign bodies.

We Practice Safe Roof Cleaning

At Roof Cleaning St Helens, we practice safe roof cleaning at all times throughout our service. This means that we are very conscious and self-aware of every step we take and follow proper health and safety precautions at all times.

If using a ladder, we make sure we work in teams to hold the ladder and provide a solid base for whoever is cleaning the roof. We don’t want to injure ourselves as much as you don’t want us to, so we make sure we are safe and sound throughout the entirety of the cleaning process.

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