What You Need To Know About Driveway Cleaning

What You Need To Know About Driveway Cleaning

11th June 2021

What You Need To Know About Driveway Cleaning

??th June 2021

The first impression of your house is your driveway. A well-maintained and clean driveway always makes your house looks good so ensure that your driveway cleaning is done correctly.

There are professionals to do the job, but you can do it without hiring them. Follow the essential tips mentioned below for effective cleaning.

Getting those oil and grease spots off the driveway

It is always best to first clean the oil, grease, and paint spots on your driveway. There may not be a cure-all way to eliminate grease on any driveway, but there are effective ways to clear the worst.

For concrete, cola or dishwashing liquid are very effective in cleaning grease stains. You have to pour soda on the stain and let it sit overnight to soak. The next day, use the solution of dishwashing detergent and hot water to scrub the stain. This method effectively removes the stain with minimal effort.

For asphalt driveway, you can use any of the three items to clean the grease stains, whichever is convenient for you: 

  1. trisodium phosphate
  2. bleach
  3. baking soda.

Apply the solution of any of the items mentioned above and use a stiff-bristle nylon brush to scrub the greasy patch.

It is not possible to pressure wash the oil, brake fluid and grease stains. The proper way is to scrub off the grease or oil with the solvent first and then pressure wash.

Getting off the mud and debris

The best method to remove dirt and debris in the driveway is to pressure wash the surface. There are few materials you will need and few steps to take before you start pressure washing.

Materials you need:

  • Pressure washer
  • Garden hose
  • Detergent for pressure washer
  • Broom
  • Stiff brush
  • Degreaser

Steps to Pressure wash the driveway.

Step 1: Use the rake or broom to sweep all debris, leaves, and loose mud from the surface of the driveway.

Step 2: Make sure to degrease the driveway as mentioned above. Scrub clean oil and grease stains with a stiff-bristle nylon brush from the driveway.

Step 3: if you have the pressure washer at home,fix the spray wand tip and attach the garden hose according to the instructions in the manual to the pressure washer.

Step 4: get the detergent ready in the designated container to allow the proper flow of detergent through the water stream of the nozzle.

Step 5: Spray the detergent on the driveway from a distance of 9 to 20 inches from the driveway’s surface and leave it for five minutes.

Step 6: Now, you can pressure wash the driveway by switching the spray nozzle tip to “25 degrees” and thoroughly wash it clean.


The cleaning is done, and you have your Manchester driveway clean and beautiful. It is an excellent thing to fix the driveway with a waterproof sealer. Sealing the driveway protects it from harmful damage to the driveway.

The steps shown above are some simple things you could do without hiring professional experts. Although it is good to have a cleaning company to have your driveway professionally cleaned once in a while, doing it yourself frequently will indeed extend the durability and keep your driveway well maintained.