What You Need To Know About Residential Roof Cleaning

What You Need To Know About Residential Roof Cleaning

20th October 2020

What You Need To Know About Residential Roof Cleaning

20th October 2020

Your roof tiles and shingles will last if you are consistent with your cleaning. There is a need to remove algae, grime, soot, grit, and moss at the earliest. These organisms and dirt tend to eat, weaken, and destroy your roof. If you live in tropical, waterfront, and cold areas, you should be extra careful. These areas are more vulnerable to many fungi to grow and live. Here are five important reasons for residential roof cleaning:

Roof Cleaning Isn’t as Easy as You Think

You are going to be holding a powerful pressure washer on top of a slippery roof. If you are clumsy and don’t take up proper safety measures, you will come across fatal accidents. It is really hard to manage a power washer while balancing on your ladder. The staples and nails can also get loose when you spray it from below. Plus, they will fall off under high winds and rains.

Some dirt and debris areas are really hard to get rid of, especially when they can disguise themselves under the black stains. To tackle them, you will require some sort of skill and experience. It is always best to hire a roof cleaning professional to clean them. The granules present on the shingles tend to become loose with extreme water pressure. All your tiles will become weak and thin, that will hinder its life span. Plus, there are huge chances of blowing off the shingles with a high PSI pressure washer. You also need to obtain the right cleaning detergent for your roof. It will do great in dissolving both grime and dirt. You can make one for yourself or purchase one from the nearest hardware stores.

Soft Cleaning System Compliments Older Roofs

The detergents seep inside the pores and pits of your home’s roof. They are gentle but effective at the same time and dissolves all the residues. Soft washers use pressure washers with a low PSI for removing the dirt and grime. However, its pressure is a little higher than a garden hose. They don’t cause any damage to your tiles. You can hire a professional cleaner to assess your roof’s condition and see if you need a soft washing.

The Dangers of Algae & Moss

Both algae and moss possess extra moisture that damages the shingles and paper of your roof. It will soften and crumble your roofing causing water leaks and further damages. Unlike dirt and debris, fungus and other organisms tend to grow over time. If they are left untreated, then you will come across many damages. It is important for you to always keep them in check.

Clean Before They Are Visible

Do not wait for the last moment when all the algae and moss are visible to your naked eyes. These organisms grow in dark wet areas where the sunlight doesn’t penetrate. They tend to grow around and underneath the shingles and tiles in residential roofing. These organisms multiple quickly under humid weather. They dislodge and soften all the tiles in your residential abode. So, they need to be treated at the earliest. Get rid of all the twigs, leaves, dirt, and fungus with consistent cleaning. Daily power washing tends to do the job here. It is especially important to clean them after a rainy night.

Contact & Hire a Professional Roof Cleaning Company in Stockport

A professional roof cleaning company will restore your house to its original appearance. They are skilled and experienced in cleaning all the stubborn, discoloured, and super affected areas. These workers can reach all the unreachable areas by getting under all the crannies and nooks. Plus, they have the technical knowledge of the required pressure and repairs, saving time and money. They can easily assess the entire condition of your rooftop and make quick repairs. Professionals also help in revealing and replacing all the damaged areas. It helps preserve the framework of your house and also saves you from future repairs. A Stockport roof cleaning company also knows about which products to use and not. They are aware of the products that could damage or compliment your rooftop.