When it’s time to change your conservatory roof

When it’s time to change your conservatory roof

21st October 2020

When it’s time to change your conservatory roof

21st October 2020

Whether it is a polycarbonate or a glass roof, nothing lasts forever. And knowing exactly when to replace your conservatory roof is not always straightforward and easy to tell. But at the same time, ignoring the depleting conditions of your shelters may prove to be quite expensive, especially when it’s too late. That is why it pays to be informed about a few signs which you can spot to know that it’s time to change your conservatory roof.

Here are five tall-tale cues that you may need to know.


If you notice some condensation in the conservatory during the cold winter season, it is the first clue that something is not right. The cause of condensation is likely due to the sealant problems between the uPVC and the glass. Although condensation does not necessarily mean that your roof needs to change, it is good to replace it with a concrete roof if the problem is persistent. Solid tops are more beneficial as it is breathable as well as insulated. It will not only avoid the condensation but also provide better health and savings for the long run. This is a visible cue that will help you decide when to start cleaning your conservatory.

Water Leakage

Are the interiors of your conservatory room smelling damp and damaged by water? If so, then it’s time to change the roofs immediately. There are, of course, temporary solutions to a leaky roof, but replacement of the entire roof is a better option if the problem seems to be occurring now and then. Most of the leaking issues in conservatories are the low-quality roofing materials that gradually get damaged over the years. Replacing such roofs will save you eventual repair costs and time.

Exterior Damage

If you can spot blistered and cracks on your conservatory roof and panels’ exterior frames, it is a clear sign to change them. Ignoring them will lead to a collapse of the entire structure. In case you installed your conservatory only about five or fewer years ago, you could replace only the affected part. However, if it has been there for more than ten years, it is better to replace the entire thing to avoid other collateral damages.


Whenever you feel that your conservatory is much hotter during the summers and much colder during the winters, it is a blinding sign that your roofs need replacement. Temporary solutions like fixing an air-conditioner or heater can achieve the goals, but it not the best remedy.

Noise Pollution

One of the main goals for constructing a conservatory is to have some privacy and quiet, but sometimes these goals seem difficult. And that is a sign that you need to change the roofs. The cause of this problem is usually with the polycarbonate roofs. Replacing them with a glass or tiled roof may be an excellent option for you if the sound of the rainfall and wind drives you to move out from your conservatory.