When should I hire a roof cleaning service?

When should I hire a roof cleaning service?

23rd May 2022

When should I hire a roof cleaning service?

23rd May 2022

A dirty roof is unsightly. If not cleaned regularly, the dirt will cause problems that require roof replacement. How to find out if my roof requires cleaning? How often should I clean my roof? There are certain signs that tell you that you should clean your roof. Here are major signs that you need to hire the best roof cleaning service in Southport with Just Clean Property Care.

Black steaks

It is frustrating if your roof has black steaks. You have no clue where they appear. You should hire a roof cleaner if you see these black steaks on your roof.

What are black steaks?

Black steaks are formed by a certain type of algae. This algae reach your roofs through winds. The dark color of the algae protects it from ultraviolet rays of the sun. 

How to prevent algae from re-growing after cleaning the roof?

  • Install zinc or copper coated sheets. The metals prevent the growth of the algae. 
  • Remove the leaves or debris on the roof periodically. 
When should I hire a roof cleaning service?

Moss and algae

If your roof is shaded by trees, there are increased possibilities of thick mosses growth. Mosses are nonvascular plants. When the mosses get on to the roof, they start growing in the spaces between the shingles and is very difficult to remove if the growth gets thicker.  If you find a thick growth of mosses along the edges of your roofs it is high time you hire a roof cleaning service.

How did mosses reach my roof? 

The tiny seeds of mosses are called pores. The pores are air borne and reach the roofs through birds, wind, squirrels. Mosses lives in damp environments. The roofs that get very less amount of sunlight are ideal places for mosses. When they establish themselves on the roof, they absorb rainwater and spread across the entire roof.

How do mosses harm my roofs?

At first they look all green and beautiful. However, if the mosses grow thicker, it lifts the shingles allowing water to leak into your house. As mosses retain water for a long period, it leads to bacteria and molds on the roofs. This decays the roof framing over time. You cannot completely stop moss growth. However, you can limit them by cleaning your roof regularly.

How to prevent mosses on your roofs?

  • Limit the shade.
  • Trim the tree branches and make sure your roofs get enough sun light.
  • Hire a regular roof cleaning service.
  • Remove fallen branches and tree debris.
  • Clean the gutters regularly.
  • Make sure your downspouts are draining a safe distance.  

At what time of the year do mosses grow on the roofs?

The mosses form their pores during fall and spring. They seek wet climate. However, they can survive winters. During winters and summers, mosses go dormant.

Build of leaves

If your house is under trees, you may get lots of leaves on the roof, especially during fall months. If these leaves are left to accumulate they invite moisture paving way for molds and lichens. Therefore, it is good to hire a roof cleaning service after every fall.