Whiten Your UPVC Doors and Windows Today

Whiten Your UPVC Doors and Windows Today

27th September 2021

Whiten Your UPVC Doors and Windows Today

27th September 2021

Are you tired of staring into your discoloured and dull UPVC windows or doors? Do you wish that they would look bright and lustrous again without draining your wallet? Everybody who owns UPVC doors or windows has gone through the same feeling at some point in time. 

Yes, it is natural for UPVCs to lose their shine with time. The sun, heat and rain can take their toll on your doors and windows. 

However, this problem does not come without a solution. As a matter of fact, maintaining UPVC is easy. You do not need to seek professional help when it comes to Manchester UPVC Cleaning

Here are some simple steps you can try at home to keep your windows and doors looking bright and brand new.

The power of vinegar 

Vinegar is a great disinfectant agent to help dissolve dirt, grime or other deposits such as grease. It is safer than bleaching powders and ammonia. Thus, it has an all-purpose value. 

Directions to use: 

  • Mix about a cup of vinegar into your lukewarm water. 
  • Use a soft absorbent or sponge 
  • Dip your sponge into the liquid and begin by wetting your door and window frames. 
  • Leave it for about ten to fifteen minutes 
  • Wipe off using cotton fiber cloth. 

You may or may not see the results immediately after the first wash. But do not get impatient. Abstain from using materials such as steel wool scrubbers, scouring pads and abrasive cream cleaning products. These items can cause more harm than good. 

They are commonly known for causing yellowish-brownish like de-colouration, which can prove fatal for your door and window frames. There will be no going back from the damage. 

Vinegar alone can do the job of removing stubborn stains off your door and window frames. But if you are convinced you need to up your DIY game, you can use a mild soap. 

Whiten Your UPVC Doors and Windows Today

Lukewarm water: the secondary agent 

If you have just installed your UPVCs and they still look good, but you want to keep a good eye on them lest they lose their lustre, use lukewarm water. 

Give your doors and windows a quick touch-up every once a week using a soft cloth, a mild foaming agent and lukewarm water. It is as simple as that. 

The habit of periodic maintenance will slow down their dis-colouration process, and what better way to start at home using something that costs zero to nothing. 


This DIY home remedy is very basic. Thus, you can give the vinegar and lukewarm formula a try. However, if you feel the need to call in the experts instead, that is always the better option if you can splurge. 

Professionals are trained in getting things done effectively with lesser time. They have good knowledge and experience of cleaning agents as well. 

Some UPVC homes are substantial, with a lot of windows and doors. In this scenario, a DIY cleaning technique may not be the most helpful advice. 

However, you, as the owner, have the liberty to choose.