Why you should clean your roof instead of replacing it

30th September 2019

Why you should clean your roof instead of replacing it

30th September 2019

After years of serving you, it is normal for your roof not to look too appealing. An unsightly roof can spoil the aesthetics of your home and diminish its value. Most homeowners think the only way to go about that is by replacing the entire roof. In the real sense, the only thing you need to do is to find roof cleaning St Helens services. A thorough roof cleaning will make your roof as good as new.

If you had for a moment thought of replacing your roof for reasons other than it leaking, you should spare yourself the trouble. Here are the reasons why you should consider having it cleaned instead.

It is cheaper

This is a no brainer. Replacing your roof will; cost a lot more money than a roof cleaning St Helens company will. If the roof has not been damaged, there is no point of replacing it. Stains, discolouration, and weeds can be cleaned out. Note that if your roof is about 900 square feet, it will cost you around £6,000 to replace it. On the other hand, cleaning for the same will only need £260. You could instead use the money to renovate other areas in your home.

It will give your home a polished look

The roof contributes a lot to the appeal of your home. If you want to give your home a new and fresh look, it is the roof you should go for. The exciting part is that you do not even have to replace it. Black stains on the roof called magma are the usual culprits of an unsightly roof. Roof cleaning companies have the right tools and chemicals to get rid of anything that is not supposed to be on your roof. Just like that, your roof will earn a new appearance.

Protect your roof from damage

Cleaning your roof will save you unnecessary costs. For one, if the gutters are not cleaned, water tends to overflow and falls along the foundation of the building. When the foundation is wet, and it freezes, cracks are formed. Eventually, this can lead to the structural failure of your house.

Also, moisture trapped by algae can cause decay. Debris and moss can cause the shingles to lift. If not cleaned, roof damage will eventually occur, and you will be left with no option but replace your roof: which will cost more.

Make your warranty effective

For your warranty to be valid, you need to take care of your roof too. Before the manufacturer decides to compensate for damage, he has to confirm that the damage is not a result of negligence. If you take care of your roof, your roof will take care of you. Manufacturers advise homeowners to clean their roofs.

Cleaning your roof regularly will extend its life. It is also cheaper to clean your roof than replacing it. Additionally, it is the best way to enhance the aesthetics and value of your home.

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