Reasons Why You Should Have a Clean Roof

17th March 2020

Is your roof letting the look of your home down? Well, look no further, contact Just Clean today and we provide a makeover on your roof entirely. Our roof cleaning St Helens service can help you rid your roof of debris such as pesky moss and algae and animal waste.

We offer vortex low pressure, soft washing and manual roof cleaning and can have your roof looking brand new in no time. Rather than taking the DIY approach, save yourself the time and trouble by hiring professional roof cleaners, we will take care of every aspect and leave your roofing spotless.

Here are some reasons why you should have a clean roof:

  • A clean roof can save you money on your utility bills. If your roof is dirty, covered with mold and algae, the sun isn’t able to reflect off it, which means they’re causing your home to absorb more heat, making the temperature of your roof much higher than it needs to be.
  • If your roof is overridden with mold and algae goes much deeper than it looks dirty. Mold and algae can eat away at your tiles and rotting the wood; by having your roof cleaned regularly, this will preserve the longevity of your roof.
  • Cleaning your roof can help prevent unwanted pests from taking up residence in your home. The smell of rotting wood actually attracts animals.
  • Boost your kerb appeal and home value by having your roof cleaned. A dirty roof not only detracts value, but if you’re selling, a potential buyer will be turned off by a dirty roof.
  • There will be no need to replace any broken tiles damaged from walking on the roof; it will stay aesthetically pleasing without new. This also eradicates the need for hiring expensive and unsightly scaffolding!
  • When a Roof becomes full of Moss, it adds unnecessary and unsupportable weight to your roof, which can damage your roof tiles and can lead to leaks. Just Clean remove all the moss off your roof then treat it with a moss killer, so the moss doesn’t grow back for several years.
  • Organisms can cause short and long term damage to your roof, holding moisture and so adding massive amounts of weight to your roof and also eating into tiles and mortar, forcing them apart and eventually. If left untreated, it could require a replacement roof ultimately.
  • Damp roof tiles are incredibly susceptible to the growth of moss and algae, which can cause damage to a roof. Moreover, most homeowners do not have the necessary equipment or the desire to attempt roof cleaning themselves.

How can you improve the look of your home?

Roof Cleaning is an excellent way of improving the look of your house. So, if you have roof tiles or slates that are covered in moss or algae, then our Roof Cleaning service in Stockport can clean it thoroughly.

Above all, restoring the colour of roof tiles or slates along with removing all of the dirt and stains can make a vast improvement and restore the original look of the roof. Roof cleaning will also extend the lifespan of your roofing and help the roof stay more functional for a longer period of time.

Just Clean offers specialist delicate roof cleaning and moss removal for your slate or tiled roof in Wigan, Warrington, Manchester, St Helens, Chorley, and Bolton areas. Our team of experienced, specialist exterior cleaners, use specialist equipment to give the best service possible, we believe we can clean anything at any time.

The Just Clean Roof Cleaning services consist of moss removal, grime, lichen and green algae treatment, tile and slate roof cleaning and pressure washing. We also offer delicate roof cleaning methods to give your tired mossy roof a new lease of life!

To request a quote for our roof cleaning services, call Clint on 01744 470051.