Why You Should Clean Your Roof in Spring

27th August 2018

Why You Should Clean Your Roof in Spring

27th August 2018

During the colder months, it’s almost too easy to forget to clean your roof. It can also be incredibly dangerous as it gets wet and icy, so it’s best to leave it. However, when it comes around to the warmer months, and we enter spring, it’s time to get to work!

Conservatory cleaning Stockport is here to give you four main reasons why they consider spring to be the best time of the year to clean your roof.

Avoid the Heatwave

Doing just about anything during a scorching heatwave is a big no from us. We consider spring being the best season to clean your roof because you then avoid the heat! Working in the middle of summer is just not practical, not only is it uncomfortable but it can also be dangerous, especially if you experience heat stroke for being in the sun for too long.

Keep Your Home Cool

A dirty roof affects the temperature of your home. Due to the build-up of moss, algae and other organisms, this makes your home warmer than that of a cleaner roof. Heat then gets trapped in the attic or loft, then heating up the rest of your home. This isn’t so bad during winter, but during a heat wave, this can become a nuisance.

Having a cooler home during the summer is an absolute must, especially as it’s starting to get warmer and warmer each year. Conservatory cleaning Stockport advises to regularly clean your roof to avoid this issue.

Prevents Serious Damage

Avoiding cleaning your roof is incredibly dangerous to the overall health and structure.  Make sure that you clean your roof regularly to prevent damage to your roof, as any build-ups will seep into your shingles and tiles, cracking and breaking them and moving them out of place.

Spending a bit of money now to save your roof later is a sensible outlook to have, as it really can save you money and effort later down the line.

Improves Your Homes’ Aesthetic  

Not only does cleaning your roof have a long list of benefits to help save your roof and your heating problems, but it also helps your house look wonderful all year long. Moss and dirt covered roofs can look old and worn, and the difference between a freshly cleaned roof and a dirty one is incredible.

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