Why You Should Hire a Professional Roof Cleaning Service

27th July 2018

Why You Should Hire a Professional Roof Cleaning Service

Many people don’t value the importance of roof cleaning or believe that it’s not necessary to hire a professional roof cleaning St. Helens service. The buildup of dirt, debris and moss on your roof are more than just eyesores, as they trap moisture, weigh down your roof and can easily cause rotting and damaging of your roof.

While many people think they can take care of their roof cleaning themselves, very few realise how difficult and complex the process can be when you have a moss-infested roof.

Get Rid of More than just Dirt and Debris

There’s a common misconception that roof cleaning will just remove dirt and debris from your roof, but this is wrong! The true threats to your roof are moss, algae and fungus build-up, which are what roof cleaning St. Helens specialises in removing and cleaning. Oftentimes, once the algae and moss build-up is visibly noticeable it has usually already started deteriorating your roof’s structure.

Just Clean’s roof cleaning St. Helens service eliminates highly damaging threats to your roof like moss and algae thanks to years of roof cleaning experience.

Avoid Roof Staining

One of moss and algae’s effects on roof shingles is the heavy staining that these organic threats cause. When you allow moss build-up along with organic debris like dead leaves on your roof, they collect water and start to stain your roof’s shingles. These large stains will immediately reduce the value of your home, while also hinting towards the possibility of roof damage underneath the stains.

Even if it seems like the moss on your roof is doing nothing, it has already started lowering the value of your home!

Protect your Roof from Damage

Even if many people understand that having a moss-crowded roof is unpleasant and can cause staining, too many still don’t understand that roof cleaning is about protecting your roof from rot, breakdown and general damage. Since moss collects and traps water against your roof shingles, rot quickly sets in as the moss also eats away at the limestone filler of your roof.

Prevent Future Growth and Preserve Your Roof’s Longevity

Ultimately, cleaning your roof is about keeping it in good condition and preserving its longevity.

Call Just Clean For Conservatory Cleaning St. Helens

Have you been noticing growing clumps of moss and algae on your roof? Are you concerned about wood rot and staining for your roof’s future? Now that you understand the advantages of hiring a professional roof cleaning St. Helens service, you can make the decision about whether it’s time to give your roof a proper clean.

If you want to book a roof cleaning appointment or have any questions about our roof cleaning services, be sure to call Just Clean at 01744 479 951