Why You Should Keep Your Roof Clean

Why You Should Keep Your Roof Clean

20th October 2020

Why You Should Keep Your Roof Clean

20th October 2020

Many of us go the extra mile for keeping our homes spick and span. We can be mowing our lawns, fresh painting, homes, gardening, cleaning the walkway, etc. However, there is one super important job that we forget to tackle all the time. And that is roof cleaning in St Helens, which always goes unnoticed for almost everybody. Many of us don’t pay much attention to it as it doesn’t add up to the aesthetic factor for most.

But it is the other way around. The roof is probably one of the most important foundations for your home. It protects you from the rain, the heat, wild animals, and other factors. An untreated rooftop will lead to an entire roof change in the future. You will have to scrape up thousands of dollars to change the entire thing. So, cleaning your roof is crucial to avoid costly damages.

Preventing the Formation of Ice Dam

Ice Dams refers to the ice ridges forming during winter on your roof’s edge. They start forming after a storm or snowfall when you don’t clean the debris/snow from your roof. Once the snow melts, it starts running off from the roof. It usually freezes on the roof’s edge and forms a big ice wall called an ice dam. It gets worse over time as this phenomenon prevents draining of water from the roof. Ice dams tend to cause major damages to your home and roof.

Your roof and shingles are in danger here. Plus, it also causes leakages, gutter damages, and the formation of extremely dangerous icicles. Clearing your roof by getting rid of the debris and snow will prevent its formation. Lack of experience in roof cleaning will only cause further damage to your roof. So, it is advisable to hire a roof cleaning company.

Preventing Growth of Lichens, Algae & Moss

Your rooftop is exposed to nature all the time. Plants, water, and dirt are going to end up there sooner or later. Lichens, algae, and moss can easily hide under the snow and rain even when it looks clean. They are mostly present on the sides that receive very little to no sunlight. The green splotches and dark blue stains on different roof parts will make it blotchy and unattractive.

They are also responsible for damaging your shingles and gutter. Mold spores arise from these things. The growth of mold may also lead to deteriorating health consequences. Just because these things aren’t visible doesn’t mean it is safe. Seeking professional roof cleaners within St Helens help will eradicate these things with ease. There won’t be any potential damage anytime soon.

Preventing Shingle Damage

Debris, ice, and snow are responsible for damaging and removing your shingles. The damage is pretty bad, especially during winter. If they are not cleaned properly, then the water will seep into the walls and roof. There will be cracks on your home structure, the roof, and walls once the water freezes. They don’t just require huge expenses to fix but are super dangerous too.

Prevent Wood Rotting

Your wood will face major rotting damage once the water gets into it. You just might need an entire roof replacement if the damage is severe. Cleaning and keeping proper maintenance will help prevent it. It isn’t always easy to detect the wood rot because they are often undetectable. So, you need to be consistent with your cleaning.


It is crucial to avoid neglecting your roof cleaning chores. You don’t have to do them every day or every week and month. But twice or thrice a year will keep you on the safe side. Make sure to look out for seasonal changes and prioritise cleaning more. Plus, roof cleaning companies such as Just Clean Property Care are always at your disposal during extensive damages and inexperience.