The Benefits of Zinc Roofing

8th January 2019

The Benefits of Zinc Roofing

8th January 2019

The volume of use with zinc roofing has increased over the last few years, due to its eco-friendly nature. But what really is the benefits of having a zinc roof? And are they better than traditional roofing?

Roof cleaning Chorley services are here to investigate; What really are the benefits of zinc roofing, and should you consider it for your new build? Let’s find out…

It’s Recyclable

One benefit of using zinc for your roofing is that it is completely recyclable! Once your zinc roof has reached the end of its run, and it’s time to be replaced, the good news is that you can recycle the whole lot.

For those who enjoy an eco-friendly benefit to their builds, this is a great option. They also are great for conserving energy and allow you to be eco-friendly in all different ways. Perfect for anyone who is eco-conscious and wants a great option for preserving your carbon footprint.

It Lasts an Incredibly Long Time

Zinc is known for lasting an impressively long time and need to be replaced a lot less often than your average roof. It’s said that professionally installed zinc roofs can even last for centuries, meaning you save yourself money in the long run.

Roof cleaning Chorley specialists know that choosing zinc roofing might not be the most aesthetically pleasing option for your roof, but if you’re after an eco-friendly and low maintenance option for your roof, then zinc should be on the top of your list of materials to utilise.

Zinc Is Malleable

Compared to other types of metals and roof type materials, zinc alloy is naturally soft. This means that it’s easier to implement into a roof type shape and allows you to manipulate the shape easily.

Zinc alloy has the same malleability as natural zinc does, which makes sense. This makes zinc a great candidate for your roof as it is also easier to incorporate into whichever shape your wish.

It’s Cheaper Than Most Materials

Because zinc alloy is so light in weight, it makes it cheaper to ship. When planning your build, thinking about these options that will make the overall cost a lot cheaper is definitely one of the things that should be at the top of your priority list.

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Now you know the benefits of zinc roofing and how it can benefit you and your build, you can read our other blog posts on other topics regarding zinc roofing and how it’s cleaned.

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