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UPVC Cleaning Wigan

Are you in desperate need of a UPVC cleaning Wigan expert?  Have your home’s UPVC fittings become discoloured or grubby? If so, then you need the help of our UPVC cleaning Wigan team.

To request a quote for our UPVC cleaning services, call Clint on: 01942 470 089

Why Choose Our UPVC Cleaning Wigan Services

Our UPVC cleaning services can improve your property’s appearance in next to no time and in turn increase your property’s value should you come to sell.

The professional service that we provide will restore and refresh your UPVC in next to no time and fight discolouring.

Our four step approach to cleaning UPVC ensures that your UPVC is left looking brand new, it consists of:

  • A deep and thorough clean of your UPVC components by hand with sponges and varied sizes of brushes.
  • Pressure washing of your UPVC fixtures to remove any further grime.
  • We then dry all of your UPVC by hand.
  • We finish our service by polishing all of your UPVC fixtures by hand, leaving it shining and gleaming.

At Just Clean Wigan, we are proud to provide such a thorough and cost effective service for clients.

Why is Just Clean Wigan Everyone’s Number One choice for UPVC Cleaning?

Just Clean offers a custom service for all customers. We adjust our service and approach to each individual task to ensure that customer receive the highest quality of clean each and every time.

We do this whilst charging the most affordable rates, so that every customer can benefit from the highest quality clean without breaking the bank.

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Why Should You Avoid DIY UPVC Cleaning?

If you are tempted to tackle your UPVC yourself, we urge you to read about why the DIY approach many actually not be the best when it comes to UPVC cleaning.

Attempting to tackle UPVC without professional grade equipment and solutions may actually result in staining and scratched to your property’s plastic.

We strictly use nonabrasive solutions and specialist soft brushes for each cleaning job, so when you choose our services, you need not worry about any damage to your property’s UPVC.

We offer UPVC services to the whole of Wigan get in touch today to book a time and appointment for our team to visit your home.

What Types of UPVC fittings Do We Clean?

Our team clean a wide range of UPVC fittings but some of Some of the types of UPVC that we treat include:

  • Fascias
  • Guttering
  • Soffits
  • Cladding
  • Roof Canopies
  • Drain Pipes

If you have any other type of UPVC that requires the attention of our UPVC cleaning Wigan team, do not hesitate to get in touch.

We will still be able to provide you with a free quote, call: 01942 470 089 today.

If you have UPVC desperately in need of attention, get in touch today.

Get in Touch with Your UPVC Cleaning Wigan Team

If you need the help of our UPVC cleaning Wigan team, then get in touch today.

You can request a free no obligation quote and book a time for our team to visit your home by calling us on: 01942 470 089

Before and After UPVC Cleaning

before UPVC Cleaning Wigan


after UPVC Cleaning Wigan


  • Before


  • After


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