A Beginner Guide On Home Roof Cleaning

A Beginner Guide On Home Roof Cleaning

14th July 2021

A Beginner Guide On Home Roof Cleaning

14th July 2021

Every home or building has a roof. We need a roof to garner protection against natural causes such as rain, wind, heat and the list goes on. Therefore, there is a major need to clean and maintain the asphalt shingles roof. By cleaning the roof, you have a curb appeal and also protects the foundation of your home. If you abandon your home, you only open doors for structural damages. If you have never cleaned a roof before, then this guide is for you.

Prioritising Safety

Safety should always be your number one priority when it comes to roof cleaning in Wilmslow. You can use protective equipment while cleaning your roof. Ensure that the day you pick for cleaning is cloudy and cool. You must use slip-resistant shoes to prevent slipping and falling from your roof. It is also smart to use safety goggles for protecting your eyes against debris.

Since you will also use chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite, you need to utilise thick gloves. You might also want to wear long pants and sleeved shirts for protecting your body against these harsh chemicals. You can also tie yourself to your chimney while cleaning if you have a slanted roof. Plus, you can always get yourself a helper to hand you the tools and hold the ladder.

Eliminating Debris

After you get on top of the roof, you need to remove all the debris present there. You need to do this before you apply the cleaning solution. You can use a leaf blower or a broom to remove all this unwanted debris. In this way, you can peacefully clean the stains on your roof. And while you are at it, ensure that you cover the shrubs and plants.

Preparing Your Cleaning Solution

You can clean your asphalt shingles in specific ways because it isn’t just water and soap. But you will end up using specific chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite. It helps in getting rid of the dirt and algae stains present on your roof. If you value your roof’s lifespan, then ensure that you avoid using harsh chemicals. The products that you use for your asphalt shingles should always be safe and recommended.

Insert Your Solution In the Garden Sprayer

To achieve effective results, you need to mix a gallon of water, a chemical solution, and a quarter of the chlorine bleach. Start mixing them and put them inside the container. A pump-style type of garden hose will also do the job for you. As long as your sprayer is of low pressure, you will be okay. However, you should never use your solution in a pressure washer. You will end up damaging your asphalt shingles.

Applying Your Cleaning Solution

Now you need to start spraying your shingles, especially the ones with a ton of algae. While you are spraying, try to get rid of all the black streaks. The amount of cleaning solution required will depend on the state of your roof shingles. Let the solution sit for over 15-20 minutes after spraying. After you finish the process, you can proceed to rinse your roof. You can use a garden hose for doing the job here. Ensure that you get rid of all the bleach.

Terminate Algae

It is normal to still find some stubborn algae and black streaks on your roof. Try scrubbing it till it goes away. You can use a broom or a medium-sized bristled brush for loosening and eliminating them. Ensure that you avoid applying excess pressure to avoid scratching your roof.