Best Tools For Driveway Cleaning

Best Tools For Driveway Cleaning

25th September 2021

Best Tools For Driveway Cleaning

25th September 2021

A clean driveway is like a cherry on top that brings your home’s whole aesthetics together. Getting rid of the greases, stains and dirt out of your driveway can require a good few hours of labour. If you want to reduce the time you invest in cleaning your driveway, the right tools and products are vital. If your driveway proves to be more difficult to clean, you should hire a professional driveway cleaning company in Cheshire to handle it for you.

Here is a list of tools and products you need to arm yourself with for an easy driveway cleaning task.

Stiff outdoor broom

Clearing your driveway of loose dirt, debris, or leaves is the first step to cleaning the driveway. For this task, you will require a stiff outdoor broom that can sweep away the loose dirt. It will help you target your stained or greased areas.

Best Tools For Driveway Cleaning

Scrub brush

Over time, driveways get covered with small dirt and dust that an outdoor broom cannot remove. Giving your driveway a scrub wash will get rid of the dust residue. A quality scrub brush is just what you need to provide the driveway with a good wash. Please make sure you use a soft bristle brush to give it a wash. Avoid using a metal brush, as it might remove fragments of the driveway while washing.


Driveways are often stained with leaks and greases, which need more than just the standard sweep or wash. The stains need to be treated before going through the normal process of washing the driveway. Various degreasers are available, depending on the type of driveway you have and the type of stain. 

You can get sawdust or kitty litter as absorbent to oily stains. Depending on driveways material, you can use soda, cola, dishwashing detergent or bleach to remove the stains. 


Get yourself laundry detergent, preferably liquid form, to get your driveway washing. Spray the liquid detergent all over the driveway with a sprayer and start brushing to get a clean, spotless driveway. 

Sprayer or garden hose

To get rid of the detergent and the dirt, you require a sprayer or a garden hose. After scrubbing the driveway, please give it a good rinse using a garden hose. Using a garden hose, preferably on a higher pressure, will best suit the task of driveway cleaning. A good rinse will get rid of the soap and the dirt and give you a clean driveway. 

Pressure washer 

If you can get hold of or possess a pressure washer, your task of cleaning the driveway is reduced considerably. Pressure washer cleaning is the new craze and one of the best ways for cleaning dirty surfaces. The high pressure can easily clean your driveway at a lesser time and effort. 

Although pressure water is an easy method, it is best advised to be used sparingly. The intense power from the washer can have long adverse effects on the driveway surface. 


The tools mentioned above are essentials to driveway cleaning. Prioritising your devices and gadgets for cleaning the driveway will yield the best results. Make sure you keep your tools in order before you start cleaning.