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Driveway Cleaning Cheshire

Is your driveway in need of cleaning? Would you like your driveway looking like new?

Just Clean Property Care provides a driveway cleaning service that can transform your old driveway and bring it back to its former glory!

We work throughout Cheshire and we have the knowledge as well as professional equipment to complete the job. Contact us today on 0800 023 9797 to discuss how we can give assist you today.

Why Clean your Driveway?

By cleaning and maintaining your driveway, this will ensure it is always looking at it’s best. There are many factors over time that can discolour the natural look of your driveway, for example, car oil stains, mold, moss, dirt and weeds can build up.

Your driveway is part of your home and cleaning it will help preserve the value of your property.

Specialist Equipment to Clean your Driveway

Driveways come in many different surfaces and materials. Each has it’s own unique finish and requires a different approach when cleaning and restoring them.

These can consist of:

  • Monoblocks
  • Slabs
  • Tarmac
  • Concrete

Using the incorrect equipment means you won’t be able to achieve the desired outcome you want. Pressure washers from local DIY stores won’t have the necessary pressure or flow for driveway cleaning.

At Just Clean, we use driveway cleaning equipment that is different. We use specially designed and manufactured equipment with the correct water pressure and flow needed for the job.

We aim to achieve the best results from driveway cleaning, ensuring every driveway looks brand new. Speak to Just Clean Property Care today about cleaning your driveway in Cheshire.

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Driveway Cleaning Cheshire

Before and After Pressure Wash Cleaning

Before Driveway Cleaning


After Driveway Cleaning


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  • After


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