Checklist For Professional Roof Cleaning

Checklist For Professional Roof Cleaning

9th June 2021

Checklist For Professional Roof Cleaning

9th June 2021

Many homeowners make the mistake of replacing their entire roof now and then. Of course, replacing your roof is a priority if so much time has passed by. But, usually, homeowners tend to avoid small details or problems in their roof. They could have avoided all this if they heeded to their problematic roofs from the start, costing them more money.

If you are a homeowner who does not like to make the same mistakes, then you can follow these roof maintenance tips from professional roof cleaners in Blackburn.

Check your shingles regularly

Shingles cover your roof by protecting them from heat, rain, moisture, dirt and other organisms. The best time to check your shingles is after heavy storms or winds every time. Check if any of your shingles are damaged, missing or cracked. Repairing a few shingles before all shingles get damaged is the best solution. Contact your local roofing cleaners or contractor before you may need to replace your entire roof.

Wash your roof at least once or twice a year

Washing your roof regularly goes a long way. The best time to clean your roof is before and after autumn. Or before and after monsoon if you reside in a humid or rainy region. It will not only make your roof look clean but extend its durability. There are many remedies to clean your roof. If you intend to power wash the roof by yourself, please ensure that you know how to handle power wash equipment before destroying your roof’s shingles.

Clean your gutters regularly

Gutters are a part of your roof, which ensures that the drainage system is running well. If your gutters are clogged, water will seep through the cracks in the roof and destroy the structure of your house. Cleaning your gutters is an essential part of maintaining your roof. It is good to clean your gutters at least twice a year, especially after spring and after autumn, right before winter sets in. You may have to go for extra cleaning if your house has many trees surrounding you.

Check your chimney

Checking your chimney for cracks and damages is also another essential activity to do for maintaining your roof. Always ensure that none of the bricks in your chimney is missing as it may cause the structural damage to your roof. Bringing professional help is a good idea for patching up your chimney before it brings down your roof.

Ask for professional help

A professional inspector can check potential damages you may have missed while checking out your roof. Homeowners usually complain that getting professional helps cost money. But the amount you spend on hiring professional help may cost less than potential damage and repairs for your roof.


Aside from these, ensure to check if there are any water stains on your ceilings. This will indicate that your roof is leaking and needs repairing. Also, if trees surround your house, maintain them by trimming them often. A small twig is enough to cause a clog in your gutter, which can ultimately damage your roof.