Chemicals Used In Roof Cleaning

Chemicals Used In Roof Cleaning

17th February 2021

Chemicals Used In Roof Cleaning

17th February 2021

If you have not been bothered about your roof for a while, you should not be surprised to find it full of debris and moss. When piles of leaves, twigs, and other organic waste start covering the gutters, trapping rainwater on your roof, it is in great need of cleaning. Avoid ignoring your roof unless you want to begin saving up for an eventual roof replacement task.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you should always seek help from a roof cleaning company. At Just Clean Property Care, we employ only the very best in order to provide a reliable roof cleaning service in Preston.

Problems if you don’t clean your roof

Piled debris blocks the gutters leading to water retention on your roof, which in turn rots your roofing material. Further, when moss starts growing on your roof, it will gradually shorten the durability of your roof. Moss growth can allow water to get stuck on the surface of your roof until the sealing on the shingles starts to fall and become dislocated. It is thus, advisable to fix moss problems at the earliest.

Even if your roof might not have moss growth, it might become victim to algae growth. It will make your roof look unattractive and uninviting to people.

The good news is, apart from washing away the debris, professionals use certain chemicals to get rid of the moss and algae growing on your roof.

What is chemical roof cleaning?

Mechanical roof cleaning includes power washing and brushing to get rid of all types of moss growth. Chemical roof cleaning uses specially formed chemical items meant to destroy and remove everything on your roof that should not stay.

Simply, chemical roof cleaning is the process through which chemicals are sprayed on your roof to get rid of dirt, algae, moss, etc. and prevent it from growing for the time being.

Chemicals used for roof cleaning 

Many chemicals are used to clean roofs, e.g., sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, and sodium percarbonate, in addition to bleach. However, none of these chemicals is as corrosive as bleach.

Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide is among the first chemicals that make up roof cleaning agents. It is a cleaning substance, high in alkaline, referred to as caustic soda or lye. It breaks down the petroleum-based products of the roofing material if very high amounts of this substance are used.

However, it is essential to remember that with a limited period, proper dilution amounts, and proper washing with the use of high flow rates sodium hydroxide can easily remove soil, algae, and mould.

Sodium Hypochlorite

When all traces of water have evaporated, this substance turns into salt. It is another agent of roof cleaning. Roof cleaners need to ensure that they are diluted in the right amount when they use this product. Use of this substance in the wrong concentration would cause your shingles to weaken and destroy your property’s surrounding vegetation.

Sodium Percarbonate

It is a chemical solution based on oxygen that can only work if it has been well mixed and efficiently applied to the roofing system’s surface with water.

It need not be washed off, unlike the other chemicals, because it can avoid the carbonated activity as soon as the chemicals react with water. Besides, sodium percarbonate is the best option for asphalt shingle and wood shake rooftop cleaning. Because of its eco-friendly qualities, Preston roof cleaning companies that use organic products opt for this formula.

Advantages of chemical roof cleaning

Chemical roof cleaning is advised by experts though there are other roof cleaning solutions. However, some people have a negative view of using chemicals. These people need to know that the main issue lies in the careless use of these chemicals and not the substances itself. You can avail the benefits of the chemicals only if you use them in the right way.

Cleaning by making use of chemicals makes it easier for you to clean up persistent stains and bacteria. It also offers you a cleaning that lasts longer than cleaning with just water. Suppose you are thinking about renewing your house. In that case, it is important to give attention to even the exterior of your home, more importantly, the roof, which serves a critical role.