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Did you ever notice your roof being home to moss, algae, lichen, and the likes? If so, you will also be aware of the repercussions you’ll have to face if you don’t get rid of them immediately. But fret not, as the Preston based roof cleaning company will save you!

Just Clean, a professional roof cleaning service in Preston, will give your roof a completely new look. Our professionals can provide services like soft washing, jet washing, and manual cleaning. So, don’t hesitate and contact Just Clean today!

If Your Roof Is Covered In Moss, It’s Time To Have It Cleaned

Almost all roofs in this day and age are made of concrete and clay tiles. However, the thing with these kinds of roofs is that after several years, algae, moss, and lichen start growing in them. One of the main reasons this happens is due to the roof’s overexposure, leading to it becoming porous. Because of this state, the roof gets damaged, and gutters are blocked. 

So, why go through all the trouble of removing the unwanted particles alone when you can get professional aid? That’s right, get in touch with Just Clean roof cleaning services today, and you might be getting a free quote! You can also rejoice as we provide our services in the neighboring areas, too!

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Our Roof Cleaning Services

Low-Pressure Soft Wash

With our low-pressure cleaning service, we aim to not only clean but sanitize your roof as well. So, yes, removing the algae, moss, and lichen is not the only service we do here. We also make sure to leave your entire roof spotless and free of any and every kind of dirt!

Thanks to the soft wash treatment, we not only get rid of the bacteria but also take care of its root cause. When this service comes to an end, the sparkling clean roof is sure to amaze you and onlookers as well!

Low-Pressure Cleaning

Another of our effective services, low-pressure cleaning involves the use of jet wash equipment of the highest quality. This method ensures that there is no residue of the algae or moss after cleaning. It is then followed by a fungicidal wash treatment and the roof’s sealing for ultimate protection.

Manual Roof Cleaning

No service is ever complete without some manual labor! Yes, with our manual roof cleaning service, we make sure to clean out all of the debris, moss, algae, and other unidentified, unwanted objects. 

To start our manual service, we will, first of all, check the roof and take some pictures. We will then let you in about what where the underlying problems are before commencing the cleaning procedure. After removing all the dirt, we finish the service with a fungicidal wash treatment for your roof.

Reasons why you need to choose Just Clean services in Preston
  • You get a spotlessly clean roof with no sighting of grimes, lichen, moss, and algae
  • All of the cement work and roof tiles stay in one place
  • With our services, you can see drastic visible changes on completion 
  • You get great value out of this family-run service
  • By coating your roof, you can waterproof and protect the tiles
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So, are you ready to give your roof the best possible makeover? If you are, don’t waste any minute and get in touch with us on this number 01925 223547. Our team of professionals will make sure that they leave you with nothing but a beautiful home and a big smile on your face!

Roof Cleaning in Preston

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