Cleaning Different Types of Roofs

Cleaning Different Types of Roofs

21st March 2022

Cleaning Different Types of Roofs

21st March 2022

There are different types of roofs, from shingles cement roofing tiles to slate roofing tiles. It’s therefore imperative to know how to clean these types of roofs. One method of cleaning that can effectively clean one type of roof may not work for another type. Here are ways to clean different types of roofs.

Cleaning Metallic Roofs

Cleaning a metallic roof will depend on your installed type, as some are stronger than others. For instance, if you have a colour bond metal roof, then it’s recommended that you don’t use pressure washes to clean them as it will destroy them. Use a mild detergent or solution plus a gentle brush to clean the area.

Don’t scrub too hard to avoid leaving shiny spots on the roof. You can use a mop to clean the area but don’t press on it too hard. When done, rinse the roof clean from the detergent. If you’re removing lichen from these roofs, don’t use turpentine, petrol, or thinner paint, as these substances will hurt the surface. Remove them with mild detergent.

Cleaning different types of roofs

Cleaning Terracotta Roofing Tiles

Therefore, terracotta is naturally moist, a suitable breeding ground for moss and algae. To clean these types of roofs, you’ll first wash them with plain water then apply an anti-fungal solution. The process is more effective than if you were to use chemicals as it is environmentally friendly. You can also use a pressure washer to clean the terracotta.

The roof can turn out slippery during the process, so it’s imperative to leave this job to us, the professionals. While cleaning, it’s wise to be on the lookout for damage like areas that need reporting or flash damage. Just Clean Property Care will be in a position to help you with such repair services.

Slate Roofing Tiles

Slate tiles are kind of natural stones. They are porous, so they become breeding grounds for moss and algae. Unlike terracotta, they are thin, so pressure washing is highly not recommended as it causes damage to these tiles. It’s important to focus on areas where dust and dirt can accumulate, like the chimney or the valleys.

If you are getting rid of lichen or moss, you will need a stiff brush and a mild solution to remove the substance.

Cement Roofing Tiles

The tiles are super sensitive if you walk on them as you clean them. You can walk around the areas where they overlap. Wearing anti-slip boots, a harness or installing a safety rail will go a long way in ensuring effective roof cleaning in Rochdale. The tiles will attract moss and algae, so it is wise to spray on them an anti-moss spray.

After spraying, use a pressure washer to clean the area from the back to forward to avoid stepping on slippery tiles.

Cleaning Shingles

Cleaning shingles with a pressure washer is not recommended. You’ll need hot water, bleach and detergent to clean the area. Mix the ingredients to make a convention that you’ll put on a sprayer, then spraying from one section to another, allowing the cleaned area to dry first before moving to the next section.

Let Just Clean Property Care Give Your Roof TLC

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