The Different Methods For Roof Cleaning

The Different Methods For Roof Cleaning

19th May 2021

The Different Methods For Roof Cleaning

19th May 2021

The process of cleaning algae, moss, lichen, and other similar fungi from the roof is called Roof Cleaning in Blackburn. As a result, this procedure extends the term of a roof and prevents it from getting damaged easily. Mosses and algae destroy the shingles and roofs by trapping water and making the shingles crack and leak, hence, reducing the roof’s utility to last longer.

However, a thorough roof cleaning once in a while can help prevent such damages. Therefore, it becomes necessary to carry out the habit of practicing roof cleaning. If you are wondering what kind of techniques are required for such an operation, here are some methods which can help you in your task for roof cleaning:

Non-pressure (Chemical) Wash

A non-pressure wash is that type of roof cleaning in which chemicals like sodium hydroxide and lye are used to wash the roof. Hence, it is also known as chemical wash. Although this is a great way to clean algae and lichen off your roof without using any pressure, it, in turn, does a lot of damage to your surroundings, leaving dead spots of plants and grass.

Similarly, it also damages the shingles because of the use of strong chemicals, which as a whole does a great deal of harm to your roof. Hence, it is not advisable to use this method for washing, even though it is effective.

High-Pressure Wash

When compared to the Chemical wash method, a high-pressure wash is relatively safer and inexpensive. This method involves a machine that is used to pressurize the water to clean the roof. However, it is again advisable not to use the engine at its highest setting as it may cause the shingles to break because of the great and intense pressure.

As a result, this method must be done very carefully so that it does not cause any harm or leakage to your roof. Pressure washing includes many risks henceforth; one must always seek professional help to avail of this method whenever necessary.

Low-Pressure Wash

A low-pressure wash is a combination of both non-pressure and high-pressure washes and does not cause harm to your roof or surroundings, unlike the other two methods. This roof cleaning method is conducted by using a sprayer and washing the rooftop off at low pressure using biodegradable detergent.

As a result, this wash will clean your roof thoroughly without causing any damage to your home. Hence, it is both safe and efficient. A low-pressure wash is consequently proven to usually last longer than the non-pressure and high-pressure methods of washing.

Roof cleaning can be an inconvenience for someone who is not experienced and know-how, as it requires skills. It would be best if you always kept in mind that trying to keep your balance on the roof is dangerous, and hence, it will be difficult for you to manage it on your own. Therefore, professional help is advised for performing such activity as this service is not overpriced but a beneficial investment for your home.