Understanding the equipment required in roof cleaning

29th March 2021

You know you have to clean the roof when it produces different kinds of dirt from its hole or sheets.  Removing dirt is no easy process as it can take about hours or days, and sometimes it ends up with no good result. Cleaning your roof in Liverpool without adequate equipment cannot always guarantee that you will have the cleanest and tidiest roof. Bearing that in point, Just Clean Property Care knows the importance of keeping alternatives with speedy results. In this case, we use the latest tools to clean the roof entirely. 

This article will look at the equipment we use to clean the roof on different levels.

Low-Pressure Washer

We make use of a low-pressure washer compacted with a powerful cleaner that will be easy to use. The low-pressure washer is a widely used cleaner to achieve a clean roof, and it is responsible for cleaning any amount of dirt on the rooftop. Wide cleaning becomes possible through the use of this mechanism. The washer comes with electric-powered pressure, capable of absorbing and disposing of water, cleaning heavy mildew, oil, and stains.

Along with its easy and effective cleaning, it offers a light-weight result. You can carry it anywhere you want to without worrying about the weight. Our service brings you the washer that performs with little to no noise. Using a low-pressure washer, we reduce noise levels to ensure no disturbance occurs in any area. This low pressure is hands down the perfect choice to clean the roof with high ease and noise reduction features.

Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner undoubtedly is an ideal option to neatly consume all the dust and dirt hanging on your roof. Vacuum cleaner gives you no reason to buy scrubbing machines as vacuuming does its job too. Just Clean Property Care use the best vacuum cleaner containing plenty of suction to use on a multi-surface roof. We deliver an excellent method of sucking all the tiniest dust particles from your rooftop through the use of a vacuum cleaner. With that, we ensure you in giving an environment free of dust and dirt. 


A mop is an essential tool required in thoroughly wiping away any specks of dot or dirt stuck on your roof. Our service offers other tools needed while mopping. We use buckets filled with dish detergent water to make the mopping process effective. The first step we follow is to put the mop inside the bucket and soak it thoroughly and then go ahead with the mopping. Thereby mopping the roof gives it a shiny and clean texture. It sanitizes your entire roof. 


After we use the low-pressure washer, vacuum cleaner, and mop, we perform the final step by using the spray. The spray is highly needed to seal leaks, stop leaks, paint and repairs. It adds moisture and corrosion to strengthen the core of your roof. Prevention of leakage is one of the biggest advantages of using a spray for your roof-cleaning. It stops any possible breakage and leakage from taking place. Therefore, our service makes full use of a spray to finalise no cracking or breaking of your roof. We also provide a final touch by adding shine to your rooftop with the help of spray.