How to maintain a clean driveway

How to maintain a clean driveway

25th September 2021

How to maintain a clean driveway

25th September 2021

We all want a clean driveway without investing much. Cleaning the driveway requires so much time and effort, and we want it to remain clean for a more extended period. Driveways are space we use so often that it gets abused with wear and tear over some time. Keeping it clean and maintaining the driveway is key to having a durable driveway. 

Here are some simple suggestions on how to maintain a clean driveway without digging deep into your pocket. 

When to clean the driveway?

Usually, most homeowners prefer to do the cleaning during the summer or spring months. The driveway is usually covered with moss and algae during these times.

Nonetheless, cleaning the driveway can be done in other months too. It is best to clean the driveway as often as you see stains and dirt on the surface for maintenance. Quick and timely removal of the stain and the soil will contribute to the longevity of the driveway. 

Driveway cleaning on a cloudy day is preferably a better option as it avoids quick drying of the detergent. Soaking it in detergent for a good time will give effective results. 

How to maintain a clean driveway

Sweeping regularly

The maintenance practice you keep up with will determine the quality and cleanliness of the driveway. The driveways get accumulated with soil, stones, loose dirt, and leaves, allowing moss, weeds, algae, and mildew to breed. The frequent use and the fact that the driveways are outdoors naturally exposed it loose dirt. To keep a check, it is best to sweep the driveway at regular intervals. Preferably at least twice a month would give the best results. Make sure you keep a sturdy outdoor broom for sweeping the driveways.

Getting rid of stains when it is still fresh

Driveways are no proof to stains, leaks, and greases. It is given that your driveway, due to its constant use, will have oil spills and spills. Letting those stains and grease stay on for an extended period of time will make it hard to remove. Waiting for the whole driveway to get dirty enough to clean will only add to your labour. 

Getting into cleaning while those stains are still fresh can always give you an upper hand. Removing stains regularly can avoid the spread of those oily stains and grease to other areas of the driveway. In fact, it can be one of the best maintenance tips to keep the driveway in perfect condition. 

Sealing up cracks 

Over time driveways face wear and cracks, which need to be sealed. These tiny cracks can accumulate dirt and soil, which can become breeding grounds for weeds. These weeds are hard to remove if overgrown and can cause more significant cracks on the driveway. Sealing the small cracks before it becomes bigger can save you from expensive repairs.  Timely checks for fill up of cracks and other maintenance can save you time and money. 


A regular check of the driveway and repairs before more extensive damage will keep your driveway durable. It can also save you from unnecessary expenses.