How to maintain a clean roof

How to maintain a clean roof

22nd March 2021

How to maintain a clean roof

22nd March 2021

It’s nothing new that every cleaning step requires different measures to achieve a receiving end. Likewise, maintaining a clean roof involves several steps, and our service ensures in following them religiously to produce an effective result. A dirty roof should be a concern for you as it has the power to cause breakage in your building. Before such things occur, Just Clean Property Care is here to apply these measures in framing an excellent and clean rooftop for your home or office.

Here are the following measures that Just Clean Property Care follows in ensuring a clean rooftop:

Ensure sturdy maintenance

Before starting with the cleaning process, our service ensures that your rooftop is in excellent and robust shape. Otherwise, the chances of falling and getting injuries are high during the cleaning process. What we do is tighten or repair the loose shingles with roofing nails. Roofing nails help in tightening your shingles at a reasonable speed.

Remove waste

Removing debris on your rooftop contributes an important part in roof cleaning in Altrincham. Debris could be fallen branches, leaves, papers, drains, gutters, and the like. Just Clean Property Care clears away all the remaining pieces and materials stuck on your rooftop to give a clean look at it. This procedure helps in washing away any little to big unwanted materials existing on your rooftop. That is why we make sure to get rid of all the pieces to deliver high roof cleaning concentration. 

Protect your garden

Roof cleaning can be a task, and bearing that in mind, our service provides free protection and security of your yard. This enables in getting rid of any possible damage that occurs during the cleaning process. While many times, your yard may damage due to deep-rooted cleaning of your rooftop, so Just Clean Property Care knows it is best to protect it from any existing harm during the cleaning process. 

Use a water sprayer

We follow the easiest and effective way to clean your rooftop, which is through the use of spray wash, easily available for exterior surface. Spray wash concentrates on removing dirt, mold, mildew, dust, and existing dirt on the rooftop. We spray every spot on your rooftop and wait for few minutes for a clean and shiny result.  Spraying is an excellent method to not only prevent dirt but also add extra shine and glitter to your house or office. As the building owner, you would want to have a clean roof with a shiny look. With these essential methods in mind, we use a water sprayer to work well in keeping the demands of both a dirt-free and shiny rooftop for your building. Moreover, the rooftop spray comes at an affordable price with long-lasting results. 

Metal strips under shingles

The last and vital step we perform after cleaning your rooftop is placing metal strips under shingles. This process seals and tightens your shingles. It secures your roof shingles from falling or loosening.

Just Clean Property Care dedicates to putting the best foot forward to give you a clean roof through these effective methods.