How You Can Fix Your Algae-Covered Roof

How You Can Fix Your Algae-Covered Roof

7th March 2021

How You Can Fix Your Algae-Covered Roof

7th March 2021

Dirt, dust, and leaves are not the only thing that dirties your roof. Your roof can also develop something more unattractive- algae. A lot of times, house owners misinterpret algae for roof mold. Roofs develop several kinds of algae, lichen, fungi, etc., with time.

What is roof algae? 

Roof algae usually appear as some kind of roof discolouration. The algae that you see on your roof is the blue-green type of algae. It leaves black, mold-like stains on your roof when it dies. It can also cause green mossy growths and ugly streaks in your roof.

They will only worsen if you don’t hire professionals to get rid of it. Roof algae can look like mold. However, they are not the same. When you see the following, it is most likely to be algae:

  • Black stains or streaks
  • Green mosses
  • Lichens
  • Green or white spots.

Algae can cover your roofs in just a matter of four years or less. You will quite often find algae in a climate with humid or warm atmospheres. 

What does algae do to your roof?

  • Permanent stains: Algae can cause permanent stains to your roof and thereby harm the underlying materials.
  • Development of actual molds: If moisture gets trapped in your roof, real mold can develop. Humidity paired with standing water and algae spores can help harmful mold to breed. Molds are detrimental to you and your family.
  • Destruction of other structures: The wind can blow algae spores to other structures of your home.
  • Roof algae pose a health risk: Not only does it dirty your roof, but it also can cause damage to your health. If you do not deal with it, you will be breathing in dangerous bacteria.

How to fix roof algae.

When you start to see unsightly discolouration or green growths on your new roof, you need to contact roof cleaning services. Roof cleaning services in Stockport can offer the best plan of action to take for your roof.

You could replace your roof, or you could opt for the less expensive method. What a professional does to your roof is;

  • They inspect your roof;
  • They determine if the algae have cause any other additional damages;
  • They clean your roof in such a way to prevent further damage
  • They will give your home an overall brand-new look.

It is best to contact a roof cleaning service when you see potential growths of algae on your roof. The sooner, the better. It will save you time and money and the hassle of other more profound and complex issues.

Low-pressure wash

This method is a combination of all the best attributes of both the above techniques- the high pressure and the non-pressure wash. It cleans your roof without causing any damage to your roof or your surroundings.

This method uses spray cleansers that the ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) approves of. As the name suggests, it uses low pressure to clean your roof and does it without causing damage to your roof. In most cases, it also gives you one of the best results.

Roof Cleaning by Just Clean

Depending on your house’s location and the weather conditions which your roof weathers, you will need to apply different methods to clean your roof. This is why you should hire professionals to do this job. This job not only requires strength and will, but it also requires skill. Skills to know which method to use and where to apply what kind of pressure.

Not only do they know which wash to use, but they will also provide better service. They will give you better results. Since cleaning is what they’re good at, they will do a better job cleaning between cracks and in-between nooks and corners.

Also, cleaning your roof yourself may pose a threat to you. This is due to the fact that balancing on a height is difficult. And trying to balance on a wet slope is even more challenging. Moreover, you will have to carry cleaning equipment too. As such, you may fall, which may cost you an even greater price. Or falling from your roof may even prove to be fatal. This is why we highly recommend that you leave the job to professionals who know best.