Methods of Roof Cleaning

Methods of Roof Cleaning

6th March 2021

Methods of Roof Cleaning

6th March 2021

Roof cleaning is a decision that you wouldn’t want to take on an impulse. Today, there are a lot of companies that offer roof cleaning services in Runcorn, and you should know them before hiring them. It’s good to make decisions after taking careful considerations. 

There are various methods of cleaning depending on a number of factors, and you should know what would suit your roof best. These factors that affect your cleaning method can rely on your region, climate, and roofing. Here are few ways.

Non-pressure wash

This method uses chemicals such as sodium hydroxide or lye to clean off 

the algae and other microorganisms. This is also why this method is also known as a chemical wash or non-pressure wash. While this method does not loosen your shingles, it can still cause damage. It can also affect the plants and trees in your surroundings. That is why it is essential to check if your product is also plant-friendly carefully or not before using it.

High-pressure wash

This method employs a machine that releases water with high pressure. This machine uses a hose that points to the dirty areas. These methods could serve as an effective method for some part of your roof. However, it may cause some shingles to come loose due to the force of the water pressure. And you may lose your warranty if your shingles come loose.

Low-pressure wash

This method is a combination of all the best attributes of both the above techniques- the high pressure and the non-pressure wash. It cleans your roof without causing any damage to your roof or your surroundings.

This method uses spray cleansers that the ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) approves of. As the name suggests, it uses low pressure to clean your roof and does it without causing damage to your roof. In most cases, it also gives you one of the best results.

Roof Cleaning by Just Clean

Depending on your house’s location and the weather conditions which your roof weathers, you will need to apply different methods to clean your roof. This is why you should hire professionals to do this job. This job not only requires strength and will, but it also requires skill. Skills to know which method to use and where to apply what kind of pressure.

Not only do they know which wash to use, but they will also provide better service. They will give you better results. Since cleaning is what they’re good at, they will do a better job cleaning between cracks and in-between nooks and corners.

Also, cleaning your roof yourself may pose a threat to you. This is due to the fact that balancing on a height is difficult. And trying to balance on a wet slope is even more challenging. Moreover, you will have to carry cleaning equipment too. As such, you may fall, which may cost you an even greater price. Or falling from your roof may even prove to be fatal. This is why we highly recommend that you leave the job to professionals who know best.