Problems With Not Cleaning Your UPVC Pipes

Problems With Not Cleaning Your UPVC Pipes

15th April 2022

Problems With Not Cleaning Your UPVC Pipes

15th April 2022

Your house’s drainage system is an essential part of your roofing. It ensures rainwater gets channeled into the right places where it can drain without causing damage. But if your UPVC pipes are dirty and blocked, the water cannot drain. 

It collects on your gutters and roof until it overflows and becomes a hazard to your house. Therefore, causing several undesirable effects.

In this article, we will look at the problems with not cleaning your PVC pipes and what it could mean for your house. So if you’re ready to unclog, keep reading to learn more. 

Driveway Degradation

When water from your roof is not properly managed and directed to proper drainage systems, it collects in the front yard. It then soaks into the ground under the driveway and softens it. This causes the driveway to shift as you drive over it, leading to cracks and holes. 

However, UPVC cleaning and proper maintenance of drainage systems can help you avoid such problems. 

Problems With Not Cleaning Your UPVC Pipes

Foundation Weakening

Just like how water accumulation weakens your driveway, it affects your house’s foundation in the same way. If your gutters and UPVC pipes are clogged, they will lead to an overflow. As a result, water will accumulate in your yard and soak into your foundation. 

When the ground around your foundation gets too wet, your foundation will shift and cause cracks and other structural issues.

Damaged Landscape

Excess water damages the landscape. An overflow from a clogged roof can wash away mulch in your yard and destroy flowers, trees, and hedges. 

Simple practices such as UPVC cleaning and clearing gutters can help alleviate such problems. It will also reduce erosion in your yard and prevent other adverse water effects.

Roof Damage

Clogged pipes and stagnant water cause roof degradation in many different ways. First, shingles immersed in water will degrade sooner than the rest. The other way is that when such shingles soak up too much water, they start to leak on the roof’s deck. 

This can damage your rafters, walls, and insulation if the water drips into them. Therefore, it’s essential to clear your gutters and your UPVC piping. 

Algae and Moss Buildup

Wet and damp conditions attract the growth of moss and algae. In turn, algae promote water retention and lead to rot and degradation of your roof. The parts of your roof infested by algae will degrade faster than the others and reduce your entire roof’s lifespan. 

Furthermore, a roof and gutter system overgrown with algae and moss is unappealing. They give a house a bad look as well as promote damage. 

Pest Infestation

Standing water and dirt debris on gutters and pipes are breeding grounds for mosquitoes and pests. Living in a pest-infested house is no one’s dream home. They will not only be a nuisance to your family inside the house but also attract other animals that prey on them. 

This can lead to undesirable animals around your property or even dirt from their waste. UPVC cleaning will ensure pests don’t infest your house.