The Pros and Cons of Professional Roof Cleaning

The Pros and Cons of Professional Roof Cleaning

21st February 2021

The Pros and Cons of Professional Roof Cleaning

21st February 2021

Homeowners do a lot to maintain the clean and new look of their home by mowing the grass, repainting, etc. But what many homeowners forget about is the cleaning of the roof. 

The exterior of your home is exposed for everyone to see and will reflect heavily on your image. Dark stains can reduce the charm of an otherwise gorgeous home on your roof caused by moss or algae. These tiny plants growing on your top take root in the shingles and impact your roof’s appearance and functionality.

But it is possible to clean your roof without causing harm to it. It is a simple, secure and inexpensive way to see results and return it to its original state.

Problems Roof Cleaning Can Solve

The top of your house, which is the roof, protects the rest of the house from harsh weather or changing seasons. But because of the role it plays, your roof may show signs of wearing out in due time. Clogged gutters, cracks, leakage, algae and moss growth, etc. might be some of the problems your roof will face in the future.

However, regular cleaning of the roof will help prevent much of mould growth and accumulation of rubbish. Proper maintenance is a must to avoid such trouble in the future.

Pros of roof cleaning:

Increase the lifetime of your roof

If you are successfully able to remove moss, lichens and algae, it will increase the lifetime of the tiles of your roof. These living organisms slowly inflict damage to your tiles, initially creating surface cracks. With harsh weathers, surfaces with moss also tend to deepen the cracks.

Clears gutter blockage

The gutters in your home help drain rainwater safely, preventing structural problems or damage to your house. The main reason for blocked pipes is moss accumulation. Removing the moss will help the regular use of the gutters during rainy days.

Adds appeal to your house

Maintaining a clean roof will most likely increase your house’s beauty. If you sell your home, investing on a good roof, a cleaning service will prove worthwhile.

Cons of roof cleaning

Already present roof concerns

Unluckily, there is always a chance of moss hiding some already present damages on your roof. These issues will eventually get worse. Instead of high-pressure cleaning, manual roof scraping helps contractors to be more sensitive in areas to avoid any further damage.

Harm to your roof from the actual cleaning process

Another danger is that your chosen roof moss removal company might destroy tiles on your roof during the cleaning process. No contractor can promise not to break a single tile, but the main thing you need is to ask them to fix any tiles damaged in the process.

Trash left behind after cleaning your roof

Sometimes there are cases where the Leigh roof cleaners might do a lousy job, cause damage, and leave behind a huge mess. You should be careful while choosing from cleaning services to not suffer from this fate.

Benefits vs Wastage

Despite some cons on roof cleaning, we can see that not cleaning your roof causes much more damage than the damage caused by actually cleaning it. If you do not take care of your roof earliest because of fear of cracks, it will cause considerable damage to your roof. These damages will end you up in having to spend more on repairs.

Not taking care of small issues can leave your roof looking just a bit dirty. But the real issue is not that it looks ugly but the dangers of leaving small issues unattended which will create more significant problems later. It is thus essential to not ignore small problems and clean your roof before it becomes too late.