Questions to ask before choosing a roof cleaning service

Questions to ask before choosing a roof cleaning service

23rd May 2022

Questions to ask before choosing a roof cleaning service

23rd May 2022

It is essential to clean your roof regularly. However, choosing the wrong roof cleaner may lead to damaged or leaky roof. Ask these questions to roof cleaning services while hiring them to avoid making the wrong choice.

Are you insured?

Roof maintenance is hard and is dangerous too. An experienced roof cleaner takes every precaution to make sure their labours and working employees are safe. A reputable roof cleaner carries insurance cover and worker compensation. Why is insurance important? If the roof cleaner comes without insurance, you may be held liable for the accidents and injuries faced by the workers during the cleaning.

Questions to ask before choosing a roof cleaning service

Are you licensed?

The roof protect the building structures from harsh weather. Repairing the roof involve huge investment. The cleaner should know all the techniques and skills to clean the roof. Using wrong chemicals or applying too much pressure while cleaning may damage the roof permanently. Therefore, it is essential that you hire a professional to clean your roof. The roof cleaning licenses are the only evidence that prove that the service provider is a professional and is skilled in his work. And he or she can provide cleaning services to a standard. 

What is your experience?

Only experienced businesses stick around in the field. Make sure your roof cleaner has been in the business for more than ten years. An experienced roof cleaner has trained and skilled labours. They know how to do things right. Above all, the experienced roof cleaners are entrenched in the community and offer a friendly service.

How do you assure a good job?

Every business person assures for a good job. Do not go by their word. Figure out and ask for proof. For instance, while you visit a roof cleaning service, ask them these questions:

  • Do you have good online reviews?
  • Do you have a good review from your previous customers?
  • Do you value training and education?

What is your method of cleaning?

There are different approaches to clean the roof. It is important to use the right method. Pressure washing and chemical cleaning are the two most popular, yet risky methods. Pressure washing damages asphalt roof. You should apply right and gentle pressure in such roof. Make sure the roof cleaner is aware of such important things. On the other hand, ensure that the roof cleaner is not using dangerous chemicals while cleaning your roof. Chemicals damage the roof  to a large extent. Also, they are harmful to pets and children. 

Other questions to ask

  • Do you provide roof maintaining services?
  • Do you offer inspection services? If yes, are they free of cost?
  • Do you guarantee your work?

Above all, while hiring a roof cleaning service make your choice based on their skills and experience and not based on price offered. The best ones offering services of high standards are always expensive. This is mainly because they have skilled labours who demand good pay. They put in lots of efforts to choose high standard equipment and chemicals. We hope these questions will help you in choosing your roof cleaner.

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