Remove Snow, Debris and Algae From Your Roof

Remove Snow, Debris and Algae From Your Roof

20th May 2021

Remove Snow, Debris and Algae From Your Roof

20th May 2021

Cleaning your roof is essentially important, just like keeping your bathroom clean. What are the mediums that damage the rooftop? When snow, leaves, algae, branches, dirt, and other debris piles up on your roof, that can cause several issues inside your home. The clutter can damage shingles, block drains, and prompt leakages.

Cleaning your roof will create a big difference between an expensive renovation and a completely serviceable roof. 

How do you efficiently remove the agents from your top?

Here are a few points to ponder before you jump into action. 

Safely removing snow

Once winter hits, the homeowner’s dilemma is safely removing the large junk of snow piled on their roof. The built-on pressure and dampness on the rooftop will lead to leakages, roof weakness caving in the ceiling. 

Be careful not to let loaded snow sit on any roof for more than a day.

Do not take the risk of removing the snow on your own. Get help from an expert with conventional safety gears. A telescoping snow rake is a considerably easiest and smartest way to remove snow from the roof.

Preventing blocked gutter

Clearing the debris from the rooftop will avoid blockages in drains. Heavy rains can be devastating because it plays a vital role in keeping your home secure and weatherproof throughout the year. To keep it functioning, use leaf blowers, and for solid clogs, use a garden hose and pour water from the connecting drain.

Removing Algae stains

Initially, strains of algae are merely visible. However, over a certain period, algae cause harm on your roof as they feast on limestone and asphalt found in your shingles. Avoid chlorine bleach as it is toxic not only to the environment and vegetation but, most importantly, reduces the life span of your shingles. Use eco-friendly roof washes that are readily available on the market. Shell out a little extra, and the outcome will be promising. Instead of using a power washer, using a long scrub brush will protect your shingles.

Cleaning leaves, needles, and branches  

When Autumn comes, expect heaps of leaves everywhere. The leaves on the roof, when they get damp, cause water clogging, leading to weakness and leakages of the roof. However, dry leaves can be easily blown off using a leaf blower. But make sure you avoid blowing the leaves towards the gutter.

If the leaves are damp, using a telescopic roof leaf rake would be more suitable. To clear pine needles, use a needle rake. Clear off all the broken branches lying on the rooftop to avoid any untoward accidents. Use a ladder, or if the height is low, you can also remove it from the ground. 


Safety should be your first preference. Wearing a slip-resistant shoe is desirable. Pick a favourable day when the weather is cool and cloudy because you may not want to suffer sunstroke and sunburn. Above all, to ensure a damage-free and spotless roof, contact the best Cheshire roofing cleaning service