Simple driveway cleaning methods

Simple driveway cleaning methods

25th September 2021

Simple driveway cleaning methods

25th September 2021

Keeping a clean driveway is not an easy task. There are several methods of cleaning the driveway available, and you might feel overwhelmed. If you are new to cleaning driveways or you want a simple method, this article will guide you through it. 

Here are simple but efficient things you can start with for the best driveway cleaning in Cheshire.

Know your driveway surface

Knowing the material of your driveway surface is essential to cleaning. It determines how stains need to be treated while cleaning surface stains. There are several types of surfaces, and each has its characteristics and way of treatment. The most common driveways are either concrete or asphalt. 

Simple driveway cleaning methods

Tools are important

Without tools, your task is incomplete. Get hold of the right tools for cleaning the driveway. Essential tools like sprayer or garden hose, broom, scrub brush, detergent, and gloves will get your task complete. 

Remove loose debris

Removing loose debris from the surface is a good start to cleaning. Use a broom to clear out the debris from the surface to get a clearer view of the stains. It will also make the cleaning process more manageable.

Start by removing stains

It could be a greasy or oily stain, rust, paints, or an organic decay stain. The repeated use of the driveway can cause the surface to have these stains. The texture of the surface and the type of stain will determine the way we remove the stain. 

Removing stains is the hardest part of driveway cleaning and requires the most attention. The key to removing stains easily besides effective solution is to treat them while it is still fresh. 

Get an effective cleaning solution

As mentioned, driveway surface material will determine the type of solution for your cleaning. Nonetheless, you can go get your solution in the market, or you can device one at your home. Homemade cleaning solutions are also quite effective in removing stains as well as cleaning the driveway.

For concrete surfaces, a staple is basic dish wash detergent or soap. Asphalt surfaces require baking soda and bleach to get the tough stains removed. Make sure you repeat the process for desired results. 

Pressure washer 

An alternative to cleaning the driveway manually is a pressure washer. A pressure washer can effectively remove dirt, mould, mildew, and other particles from the surface if you have a pressure washer. Some washer comes with specific instruction for the detergent to be used for best results. You can also use a homemade solution for cleaning. 

The pressure washer after the cleaning can also give a good rinse to get rid of the dirt and solution residue. 

Dealing with mould and mildew

Moulds and mildews grow incessantly in the driveways during peak seasons. You can get rid of it by either using bleach or a mould detergent. Both will kill the mould and mildews. It is, however, to be noted that mould detergent and bleach can kill the vegetation around them. If there are plants, please pay attention while spraying. 


These simple pointers will guide you to a simple, hassle-free cleaning task. If, however, you feel it’s beyond your capacity, you can always avail of professional assistance.