Soft VS Pressure Washing For Roof Cleaning

Soft VS Pressure Washing For Roof Cleaning

18th February 2021

Soft VS Pressure Washing For Roof Cleaning

18th February 2021

It is essential to keep your home’s exterior clean. It not only makes your home beautiful, but by removing mould, fungi, and dirt, it also keeps it safe and prevents costly damage in the future. When you have the exterior of your home professionally washed, you may need to consider whether your roof would require a soft wash or a pressure wash.

Soft washing and pressure washing are both great ways to clean your home’s roof. However, they achieve their purpose in very different ways. If your ever unsure about which method of roof cleaning, you should call Just Clean Property Care and allow our local roof cleaners in Prescot to handle the job for you!

Difference between soft washing and pressure washing

Pressure washing uses very high pressurized water to violently remove any dirt or stain from the surface that it comes into contact. This technique is a very successful method, but it does pose a risk that your property will be destroyed. Pressure washing is an extremely efficient home cleaning solution for different surfaces of the home.

Pressure washers do not heat water, but the pressures are still high enough to be hazardous. Water is pushed out at a very high rate that it can cut through a finger in a split-second. During pressure washing, special care must also be taken in order not to damage anything necessary.

Soft Washing does not use pressurization but is in favour of chemicals. The pressure washer’s tip is changed to one that widens the spray, lowering the pressure point. On top of this, soft washing uses unique cleaning solutions to break down dirt and other organisms.

This cleaning method will not remove protective coatings on the exterior of your house. The chemicals they use are also safe for your home and your surroundings. In several cases, soft washing methods are favoured over pressure washing.

When to use pressure washing

Pressure washing is more appropriate for rough surfaces such as brick walls, driveways, garage floors, pathways, etc. It will remove stains without harming your concrete surfaces. You are also recommended to pressure wash such surfaces before painting or sealing.

However, a pressure wash system can cause damage not only to your surfaces but also to people when misused. Always remember the safety precautions for pressure washing if possible, contact a professional service for proper management.

When to use soft washing

Soft washing has low pressure and requires more water and chemicals for cleaning. It can be used in various surfaces, such as wood, asphalt, metal houses, ceramic and drywall, among others, can be gently washed. A pressure wash system will be harmful to these surfaces.

One good characteristic of soft washes is that it can clean between cracks.

Advantages and disadvantages of pressure washing

Pressure washing is mostly known for washing your home outdoors over soft washing. It has some advantages but ultimately may not be required for your home. It’s washing tools can be conveniently rent or purchase. Getting one of your own will make it very easy and comfortable to clean your house.

The use of a pressure washer on your exterior surfaces has quite a few more relevant negatives. Someone untrained may end up injuring themselves or others. Thus, it is vital to have proper knowledge before using a pressure machine or tool. 

Advantages and disadvantages of soft washing

Soft washing would probably be your best choice to wash your roof, deck, or fencing without harming anything. Besides, the added anti-bacterial components can provide you with a more lasting result. The only con could be that an expert is essential to do the job.

Both types of washing are useful for different cleaning types; thus, you could neglect none of them. The simple choice is usually the best choice: let the professional roof cleaning team from Just Clean Property Care to handle your cleaning requirements.