Soft Washing For Your Roof

Soft Washing For Your Roof

8th June 2021

Soft Washing For Your Roof

8th June 2021

The roof of your house is the most aesthetically pleasing part of your house. If you do not keep it clean, however hard you clean the windows or repaint your house, it will still look old and dirty as it was before. Moreover, keeping a low maintenance for your roof can ultimately result in the structural collapse of your house. So, you must keep your roof neat and clean.

Soft washing is the ideal way to clean your house. The homeowners can easily do it, provided they have the right equipment or by your local professional roof cleaners in Preston. But, before you delve into it, let us see what is soft washing and why is it essential for cleaning your roof.

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing means cleaning your roof with the help of low-pressure cleaning equipment. The cleaning gadget helps you clean debris, spider webs, algae, or fungus with a mixture of cleaning products. It is regarded as one of the best replacements for pressure washing which can damage your roof.

It makes your roof look good

This might be the first undeniable point for any homeowner to clean their roofs. As the seasons change, your roof starts to get dirty and get stains from algae, fungi, moss, and rust and asphalt bleed outs. Cleaning your roof will not only decontaminate your house but make it look beautiful.

Extend your house’s life-span

The cleaner your house is, the longer it will sustain in the long run. If you do not give attention to mild or minor problems with your roof, it will provide you with more significant issues in the future. Houses also suffer from premature ageing if your roof is dirty and not maintained well.

Improve your family’s health

Mould and mildew in the house are very hazardous for the health of the inhabitants. It can cause health problems like severe allergy, asthma, breathing difficulties and even depression. Please do not waste a single moment to delay cleaning your roof if you suspect the growths of mould, mildew or other dangerous fungi.


Bleach will kill all organisms like algae, fungus, mould, etc. These are the types of growth that you want to remove from your roof during a soft wash.


Without surfactants, it is difficult for bleach to stay on the roof upon pouring it. A suitable surfactant with bleach will not only kill the germs but will help to spread the mixture evenly to decontaminate your whole roof.

Odour masker

Bleach has a potent odour to it. Even though it is optional but if you cannot bear the pungent smell of bleach, pouring an odour masker of your preferred scent can give a pleasant aroma instead of the foul-smelling odour.


We hope that this post will change the perspective of soft wash for you and incorporate soft washing for your roof in the future.