The Importance Of Roof Maintenance & Keeping Your Roof Clean

The Importance Of Roof Maintenance & Keeping Your Roof Clean

28th April 2021

The Importance Of Roof Maintenance & Keeping Your Roof Clean

28th April 2021

While having a beautiful home is everybody’s dream, have you ever thought about how to maintain your roof? Well, moss, dirt, and algae are bound to build up in your roof over time. Once this happens, your roof’s lifespan is likely to decrease as it will prevent sunlight from entering your home. So, how do you make sure that you properly maintain your roof and why is it very important? Keep reading to know more. 

Why you need to clean your roof

Of course, cleaning the roof may not be on your to-do list of seasonal outdoor chores. However, it is essential that you clean your roof, irrespective of whether you do it yourself or call a roof cleaning company in Liverpool. That’s because when algae and moss thrive in your roof, they are likely to spread rapidly. Once they do, moisture and rainwater are bound to be trapped underneath the moss. This will, in turn, lead to decay of the shingles and thus shorten their durability.

Other than that, mildew and dust may also accumulate on your roof. When this happens, the dirt can still trap moisture on the roof and lead to decay. All in all, the algae, moss, dirt and unwanted debris can and will decrease your home’s appeal. Therefore, it is important to clean your roof at least once a year.

What are the roof cleaning methods?

Now that you know why it’s important to maintain your roof, let’s talk about the roof cleaning methods. There are three ways in which you can clean your roof and thus maintain it. They are:

Use a garden sprayer

If you plan to clean the roof yourself, the safest bet would be to use a garden sprayer to apply 50% water and 50% bleacher. With the help of a scrub brush, you can get the mildew and dirt off the shingles. 

Pressure washing

You could also go for pressure washing, especially when you want to get rid of moss, leaves, and other kinds of dirt. But before you opt for this method, you need to remember that all roofs are not the same, nor are the pressure washers. If the pressure is too strong, it could result in damage to the roof. 

Low-pressure wash system

If the algae or moss on your roof is very stubborn, you could opt for the low-pressure wash system. Usually, such kind of method is only used by professionals for cleaning the roof. While this method is the last resort, it is best if you let the professionals handle the cleaning of your roof. This is because they have the level of expertise where they know how much pressure your roof will require for its cleaning and, thereby, maintenance. 


While cleaning the roof may not the best outdoor activity, it is actually very imperative. As it is, you need to make sure that you maintain your roof properly so that there is no damage, both in and out. By getting in touch with roof cleaning services, you can make sure that your roof is well-maintained and safe, too.