Top 4 Tips for an Effective Driveway Cleaning

Top 4 Tips for an Effective Driveway Cleaning

10th August 2020

Top 4 Tips for an Effective Driveway Cleaning

10th August 2020

Driveways are more than just a space to park your car. They play a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your house. In fact, a clean driveway is one of the easiest ways to boost your property’s value.

Instead of forking out thousands of dollars on renovating your place, you could just as well clean out your driveway and give it a fresh new look. Besides, if you’re looking to list your property for sale, a clean driveway is an essential necessity.

Usually, it is easier to seek the help of a professional Cheshire driveway cleaning company, such as our own team at Just Clean Property Care. But, if you’re keen on doing it yourself, here are four important tips to ensure an effective driveway cleaning.

Clean your driveway thoroughly

Your driveway naturally attracts a lot of unwanted junks and debris, many of which may not be visible to the naked eye. Loose parts from cars and stones are some of the common debris that you may find in the driveway. It is essential to get rid of these junks before you can proceed to clean your driveway.

Also, if your driveway touches any part of your house (doors or walls), cover them with cardboard or any other wrappers. This will protect them from any accidental splashes or debris during the cleaning process.

You may also want to check the drainage system to ensure the detergent water does not flow into your local water supply channel.

Use a good quality degreaser on the stain

Automobile-related oil and solvent stains from motor oil, gasoline spills, and brake fluid are some of the common stains you find in most driveways. In such a case, it is usually not advisable to use pressure water directly, as these stains do not wash off easily. Instead, it is best to use a degreaser before finally washing it off with pressure water.

Apply a degreaser on the stain and let it sit on it for sometimes (preferably some hours). This will allow the degreaser to soak up the stain and remove it effectively from the roots. Reapply the degreaser and rub it off using a suitable brush. Use the degreaser at full strength for old and persistent stains.

Spray the detergent on your driveway

Usually, the type of detergent you should use will depend on your pressure washer and also the type of your driveway. Remember to only use authentic detergents that are formulated to use with a pressure washer. Also, do not add bleach to the detergent as it may damage both the washer and the driveway.

Ensure you apply the detergent on the driveway using the low-pressure nozzle. Do not let the detergent dry out. Typically, it is best to soak the driveway for about 15 minutes. If you notice the driveway getting dry, apply some more detergent.

Rinse the driveway

After soaking the detergent for over 15 minutes, set the washer settings to rinse mode and start rinsing off the detergent. Make sure to use the high-pressure nozzle for more effective rinsing. Pay extra attention to specific areas with persistent oil stains, as they may not come off easily.

Lastly, make sure you rinse off all the detergents without any residual.

Just Clean Property Care provides the best possible option for a clean driveway with our experienced driveway cleaners in Cheshire. Contact us today!