The Truth About Residential Roof Cleaning

The Truth About Residential Roof Cleaning

16th July 2021

The Truth About Residential Roof Cleaning

16th July 2021

If you clean your roof daily, then you are preserving the life of your tiles and shingles. By cleaning, you are getting rid of the algae, grime, soot, grit, and moss. You end up restoring the colour of your roof. The difficulty of the cleaning job will be based on the region of the home. So, here are some of the facts that you should know when it comes to residential roof cleaning.

It Isn’t a DIY Work

You can’t just start cleaning your roof with a power washer. Why? Well, because using a pressure washer to clean your roof and trying to maintain your balance is dangerous. The slick and slope surface of your roof can lead to serious accidents by falling. You should also remember that spraying your roofing tiles while balancing below on a ladder is bad. It will loosen the staples and nails of your roof, causing them to become victims of strong winds and storms. Plus, the job will splatter you.

There is always debris and dirt present between the crevices and cracks of the roof shingles. Sometimes the dark colour of the tiles also helps in disguising them. A professional Bolton roof cleaning company can clean these areas without causing any damage to your fragile roof. Excess use of the pressure also causes loosening of the granules present on the shingles. It causes the tiles to become brittle and thin. The professional cleaners mostly know how to clean these surfaces with the right solution for dirt and grimes.

Soft Cleaning for Old Roofs

A soft wash system uses detergents that seep inside the pores and pits of your roof. These detergents start working along the undersides of your shingles and tiles. It also includes the flashing and additional roof materials. The soft washing cleansers are strong and gentle. It helps in dissolving thick soot, grit, mud, grime, dirt, and dust.

This cleaning system resorts to rinsing at low pressure for eliminating the dirt. Here, the pressure is just a little stronger in comparison to the force coming from a garden hose equipped with a spraying nozzle. Low-pressure cleaning doesn’t cause any damage or loosening of the tiles that are old and brittle. It also doesn’t wash away any of the granules present on the surface.

The Dangers of Algae & Moss

Both algae and moss pose a serious threat to your roof. Here, these containments tend to hold additional moisture against the roof paper and shingles. The added moisture leads to the shingles getting soft and crumbly, causing water leaks and tearing the roofing paper.

The mildew, moss, mould, and algae tend to grow, unlike the debris. They may cause the tiles to dislodge as they are continuing to spread. As a homeowner, you should never allow it to grow. These containments tend to grow in dark and damp spaces, so look out for those sections.

Hire a Professional Cleaner

If you seek professional help cleaning your residential roof, it ends up as a great investment. First, it will restore your roof’s overall appearance. These trained professionals possess the right knowledge and methods to tackle any roof condition.

You can also clean it yourself, but there are risks involved, especially if you have never cleaned it before. You just might damage your roof or meet with an accident, causing double the costs. So, it is always wise to get a professional roof cleaner to do the job for you.